An Ode To Daydream Fest 2024

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Fear of rain, we cast away,
For live music calls today.
To Main Line Brewery, we gather near,
Anticipation rising, joy sincere.

With the clouds moving and sun beaming,
The music begins, our hearts are gleaming.
Deau Eyes conducts the heartfelt strings,
Cleophus James, the groove they brings.

Mikrowaves’ horns fill the air,
Michael Millions heats with flair.
Hotspit’s brilliance lights the scene,
Pamyra’s soothing, soft and serene.

Mekong Express, pure and clear,
Illiterate Light rocks at a top tier.
Butcher Brown’s soul, heaven’s sound,
From Radio B to Charles Owens, guests abound.

Is that Anderson .Paak in the crowd?
Egg rolls, so large, make us wowed.
With Fender earrings shining bright,
Open crowd, attentive tonight.

Steady staff, reliable crew,
Hats off to Baripete, too.
Another Daydream, fantastic, supreme,
A perfect mix, a wondrous scene.


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