Andy Jenkins Releases Video For Cover Of “Don’t It Drag On”

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Diacritic musician Andy Jenkins recently released a new video featuring a live cover performance of songwriter Chris Smither’s song “Don’t Drag It On.”

Shot by Joey Wharton and Daniel Bagbey at Jenkins’ recent show at the Richmond Music Hall, the video captures a spirited rendition of the tune from Jenkins, whose punctuating and declarative vocals are surronded by sprightly bass notes, plucky percussion, and melodicaly nomadic guitar lines.

Joined by Alan Good Parker (guitar), Cameron Ralston (bass), and Pinson Chanselle (drums), Jenkins and company crank up the tempo and energy of Smither’s song, one that Jenkins himself extolled in a recent press release through Spacebomb.

“I love this song by Chris Smither. It’s on a record of the same name, recorded at Bearsville Studios in 1971 with a memorable album cover designed by Milton Glaser. The studio version is a perfect recording, I’ve listened to it hundreds of times, worn out the page on YouTube, (only place it currently exists online). A slow burning, wistful and sly perfect recording of a perfect song, piano, bass and guitar. I’ve been covering it for a couple years now, but I am no guitar player like the subtle and sweet Smither. At some point I decided to take it from a different, almost new-wave-ish angle. Played it on a string of shows with the Spacebomb House Band supporting Sweet Bunch this past summer. Alan joked that we’d get it right by San Francisco, which was pretty accurate and occurred about a week after the version you are about to see and hear, taped by the kind folks at Spacebomb Records in June in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia and thank you.”

Check out the video of Jenkins’ cover below, and keep abreast of Jenkins’ upcoming shows by clicking


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