Angelica Garcia Raises The Bar In Towering Video For “Guadalupe”

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It’s been 11 days since Angelica Garcia dropped the monumental “Guadalupe” video and we’re still reeling over here, shellshocked by the monumental artistic statement it makes which has raised the musical bar in Richmond to astonishing heights.

Armed with a dazzling blend of Latinx passion, musical ambition, and female empowerment, the song alone is one to make your jaw drop, mind race, and body shake. But it’s the video that really takes this all to the next level. Directed by Spencer Ford with help from photographer & colorist Adrian Nieto, Garcia is portrayed in all her commanding glory, demanding your attention with formidable artistry that proves exceptionally inspiring through all the various scenes & shots.

Garcia has always been an artist to watch, from her 2016 debut record Orange Flower through last year’s “It Don’t Hinder Me” and “Jicama,” the latter of which was listed as one of Barack Obama’s personal favorite songs of 2019. Yet “Guadalupe” seems like Garcia is now existing on another plane, tapping into innate & visceral talent that’s funneled through impeccable production in order to create music that is truly, truly extraordinary. All of this is to say that Cha Cha Palace (which comes out February 28th through Spacebomb Records) has quickly become one of the most anticipated albums of 2020, and we don’t mean from the local area.

Head over to Spacebomb’s website to pre-order Cha Cha Palace now (or bookmark this handy landing page), and in the meantime, check out the powerful video for “Guadalupe” below.


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