Artonthewall Releases Wrinkled Camcorder Video For “Clippies”

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Yesterday, local rapper Artonthewall dropped his latest single, the booming rap track “Clippies,” alongside a new music video that captures his raging and rhythmic flow.

The song, produced by Khroam, features a droning bass sound that provides a foundation upon which Artonthewall unloads his spastic cadence and imperative words. Those words jump out of the accompanying music video, shot by local director BLennox, which sees the young MC’s parking lot performance captured in grainy film expected of homemade cinema from the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Along with his other single, the coordoing track “Vintage Fashion,” released so far this year, “Clippies,” precedes Artonthewall’s next major release, the project entitled Good Morning, I Am Awake, which is set to be released on Thursday, January 31st.

Until then, keep an ear out for Artonthewall on Soundcloud, and catch the scraggy video for “Clippies” below.


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