Bandcamp Fundraiser II: Support Richmond Musicians Impacted By The Pandemic

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Here we are, a little over a month later, still trying to make sense out of a confounding situation. Luckily, in that month, countless musicians from Richmond have put their creative muscles to work, providing virtual content and daily challenges that have eased the pain of isolation for many and also made the job of keeping tabs on the Richmond music scene nearly impossible.

It’s been amazing to see all the musicians in town come together and support one another, whether by spreading the word about a virtual happy hour or by giving advice to the best way to stream or record in your living room. Still, despite all of the amazing content that’s been put out over the last month, musicians are still struggling and in need of help.

With that in mind, Bandcamp has vowed to once again forgo their share of proceeds on the first Friday of May, as well June and July.

To commemorate that day — a day I believe should be called Bandcamp Fundraiser II: Electric Boogaloo! — we are re-publishing and revising our list of musicians from the Richmond area with links directly to their Bandcamp. Clicking on any link will take you straight to a hub where you can buy a song, a record, or even some merchandise from a local artist, and each and every purchase will chip away at the staggering loss these musicians face with music venues being indefinitely closed.

This list of 1,000 Richmond artists is completely randomized with a new order available each time you visit the webpage in order to give equal placing to all of the vital artists in our vibrant music scene. We invite you to click on as many links as you can and check out the wonderful musical talent Richmond has to offer, and maybe find a way to support a few of the artists making the scene so vibrant and enthralling.

You can check out the list for yourself below. We’ll be updating it as the day goes on just like last time. Anything you can contribute, big or small, will make a big difference in how these musicians continue to cope with the on-going crisis.

Continue to be smart and safe out there. Limit going outside if you can. Wear a mask if you go out. Wash your hands frequently. Thank the people at restaurants and grocery stores that you come in contact. And make sure to check in with your friends and family regularly to make sure we’re all mentally doing well. We here at The Auricular are thinking of you all and we are here for you through whatever means possible.

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