Bandcamp Fundraiser III: Help RVA Musicians & The Fight For Justice & Equity

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For the third time this sad, crazy year, Bandcamp will be waiving its proceeds today, sending all the profits from purchases directly to musicians who have been impacted by the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic in question is COVID-19, but let’s not forget that there is another pandemic in this country, one that’s older than the country itself yet until recently has not been addressed or acknowledged and still remains unresolved.

Black lives matter. This is not a controversial statement. White supremacy is evil. This is not a controversial statement. But both statements illicit rage and confusion in millions of Americans which make both phrases ones that have to be brandished anywhere and everywhere until all Americans, young and old, know that our country’s shining ideals are fraudulent until they apply to every single citizen.

This is the third time we’ve highlighted Bandcamp’s charitable initiative, and normally, we speak to the bleak reality of life during COVID-19. But COVID-19 will eventually fade. The reality for people of color in this country will not… unless we take action. Luckily, millions of Americans are taking action, but we must keep fighting and keep working to make sure that action results in systemic change in this country.

Just like the last two times, we have compiled a list of Bandcamp links to local artists to support today. Now, many musicians in Richmond, as well as around the country, have elected to donate all proceeds today to various organizations that support the Black Lives Matter movement. We have chosen not to highlight those artists for the simple, simple reason that there are just too many to count. The number seems to grow by the minute and while we will be updating the list as the day goes on with more links to different artists, it would be impossible to keep up with every artist who is generously directing the charity from Bandcamp to a cause much more vital and important.

As always, this list of 1,000 Richmond artists is completely randomized with a new order available each time you visit the webpage in order to give equal placing to all of the vital artists in our vibrant music scene. We invite you to click on as many links as you can and check out the wonderful musical talent Richmond has to offer, and maybe find a way to support a few of the artists making the scene so vibrant and enthralling.

You can check out the list for yourself below. If you see anyone missing, let us know and we will get them added as soon as possible. Anything you can contribute, big or small, will make a big difference in how these musicians continue to cope with the on-going crisis.

Continue to be smart and safe out there. Virginia may be entering Phase Two of its reopening plan, but caution still needs to be taken. Limit being around groups of people if you can. Wear a mask if you go out. Wash your hands frequently. Thank the people at restaurants and grocery stores that you come in contact with. And make sure to check in with your friends and family regularly to make sure we’re all mentally doing well.

And most importantly, continue in the fight for justice and equality in this country for everyone, regardless of who you are. As the galvanizing chant goes: no justice, no peace.

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