Butcher Brown & Alex Isley Freely Flow On Video For “Best Friend”

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For the first Mothership Monday video of 2022, Richmond’s premiere R&B group Butcher Brown join back together with the smooth melodic force of singer Alex Isley to deliver a soulful interpretation of an underrated ’90s hit.

In a sketched out chromatic filter, just like previous Mothership Monday videos, Butcher Brown and Isley dust the cobwebs off of “Best Friend,” Brandy’s 1995 single and tribute to brother Ray J, with a soaring and warming rendition that will have you hitting replay as soon as it fades out. If you don’t have time to hit replay, don’t worry because it will be playing in your head the rest of the day thanks to the skipping bass line and plush melody.

You can check out the video for “Best Friend” below and it’s also a good time to revisit Isley and Butcher Brown’s first collaboration, the September 2021 single “Remind Me” which you can check out at this link. Either way, take some time and put on some great R&B.


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