CashOutJai Lords Over The James River In “Think Fast” Video

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From pastoral gardens to record shop alleyways, Richmond is just full of great backdrops for memorable performances, something local MC CashOutJai and the team behind RVA Live fully exploit in their new video for “Think Fast.”

Shot right in front of a rocky and weedy patch of the James River, we find CashOutJai framed by an arched fence with the Mayo Bridge in the background as he rips into the opening track off his new album Dear Jai, released earlier this month. With his eyes fixated on the camera through most of the song, director Rick Blair captures the mesmerizing quality of Jai’s music from a solitary position that only needs to zoom in at key moments to enhance the music.

Jai’s bars are swift and potent throughout the track as they layer overtop an erratic piano line and stalking beat, which provides a trippy ambiance. That intriguing balance tells the story for most of Dear Jai with other stand-out tracks like “Knock Knock” fully exploring this sharp blend of rapid bars and irregular beats. For “Think Fast” though, the video only elevates the song’s quality as his bars ripple quicker than the small, terse waves directly behind him.

Watch the riverine video for “Think Fast” below and make sure to follow CashOutJai on social media for more updates.


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