Catie Lausten Unleashes “Psycho Bitch” In New Hourglass Session

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This past July, Catie Lausten dropped Love To Love To Love, a bold six-track EP that features delicate yet robust melodies penned by the captivating singer-songwriter. One of the more dazzling releases from Richmond this year, it’s a record Lausten is still exploring today with a release of a new Hourglass Sessions video for her clinging track “Psycho Bitch.”

On the surface, “Psycho Bitch” is a musical distillation of those Overly Attached Girlfriend memes from a decade ago. “I’ll drive your truck into a lake if you don’t say that you love me,” she opens the song with, bringing to life the unnerving stare disguises as love from the viral image. But Lausten’s track extends far past this initial comparison with a sharp musical ear that pairs the deteriorating lyrical tone with a melodic elegance on the EP. It’s a stand-out track from Love To Love To Love that establishes Lausten’s impressive and versatile talent in just 135 seconds.

In the video, the crew from Hourglass Sessions transports the isolated obsession of the track to a more relaxed, mercurial environment. As Lausten pours out her yearning affection in the middle of a skate park, the camera circles the emotive performance, capturing the meandering roller skaters and skateboarders rolling around the music. It’s a clever take on a tangled tale which helps “Psycho Bitch” stand out even more in Lausten’s growing discography, as well as the canon of Richmond music.

Check out the new Hourglass video with Catie Lausten below, and make sure to follow both Catie Lausten (Instagram) and Hourglass Sessions (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) on social media for more updates.


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