Chandler Gladly Broadcasts The “News” In Latest Hourglass Session

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Have you heard the news? Local hip-hop artist Chandler makes music for that ass, an assertion on full display in the latest Hourglass Sessions, adding to the banner year for both the musician and production team.

Filmed at RVA Boombox, the video finds Chandler traversing the intimate space from stage to floor, engaging everyone in proximity with his musical talent and magnetic presence. The vibe is all about celebration, yet it departs from the conventional hip-hop show, resembling a vibrant party instead where the rapper acts as the literal master of ceremonies in ensuring that everyone in the vicinity is an active participant in the fun, including audience members and even DJ Tuffluck stationed to the side of the stage. Captured in Hourglass’ signature one-take shot, the video displays all of the overflowing cheer and energy, leaving viewers simultaneously connected to the joyous atmosphere and bummed they weren’t there to partake themselves.

Released as a single back at the end of September, this song, a collaborative effort with producer Fellaair, beautifully exemplifies Chandler’s musical charisma. It weaves his lyrical joy, wit, and skill through a rhythmic beat, showcasing his talent which seems effortless but is undoubtedly a byproduct of extensive hard work and pure dedication. It’s a song that’s impossible not to like, delivered with such enthusiasm and flair that it’s practically contagious, daring you not to smile through all the jubilant singalongs and cheeky asides.

“News” is one of nine singles Chandler has graced us with in 2023, joining “New Song Mix 1 Sorry I Dont Know The Name,” “Raw Egg,” “Bad Company,” “Carolina,” “Elusive,” “Figure It Out,” “East Coast Residents,” and the latest one from October 20th, “Purple Devil Emoji.” Combine all of that with successful tours up and down the East Coast and an active and thriving TikTok channel and… yeah… Chandler has had a productive year, to say the least, with more surely planned for the last few months of the year.

Watch the video for “News” below and make sure to stay up to date on all of Chandler’s activities by following him on social media. Go ahead and subscribe to Hourglass Sessions on YouTube if you haven’t already too. That way you can keep an eye out for more great videos featuring local artists.


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