Cole Hicks Releases Lyrical Exercise “Cole Flow 001”

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Cole Hicks was a big part of the banner year Richmond had in 2018, dropping May Day last May like a pipe bomb on the local scene and raising the bar for everyone in town, hip-hop or not. Only a month into the new year, it looks like Hicks is going to continue raising that bar, this time with a series of lyrical exercises designed to grow and expand her creative skill.

Towards the end of January, Hicks dropped a video for “Cole Flow 001” showcasing the talented MC unloading some biting rhymes over a swerving flow. The video — aptly shot and edited by Jeremiah Claughton — puts the focus solely on Hicks’ flow, one that seems bountiful even in a short runtime overtop a tight beat courtesy of ILLMaestro. Though nothing else has been announced so far, the title and nature of the project suggests we’ll see more of these rewarding exercises from Hicks, offering up brief snapshots of Hicks’ growth as an artist and musician.

Watch the video for “Cole Flow 001” below, and make sure to check out her social media — Twitter (@iam_nicolehicks), Instagram (@iam_nicolehicks), and Facebook (Cole Hicks) — to keep updated on her future projects and releases.


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