Colin Phils Release Studio Video For “Even Just To Speak A Word”

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Avant-rock band Colin Phils have released a new video for their incurvate song, “Even Just To Speak A Word.” The video captures a studio session at Scott’s Addition Sound that guitarist and vocalist Ben Tiner describes as coming about from a chance encounter.

“I met [sound engineer] Palmer Wilkins out at a show and he mentioned he wanted to record bands in the Scott’s Addition space,” Tiner explained. “Later on, a mutual friend introduced us to [producer and mixer] Jeffrey Walburn and that’s when we decided it would be great to go ahead and make a video session out of this.”

The song is a glittering and acerbic exploration of emotion through the lens of math and art rock with enough twists and turns to challenge the pop structure, while still remaining melodic and catchy. On the song’s meaning, Tiner revealed it was a way for him to express the different emotions he had over the passing of his mother last year. “I’m happy to have had a mother as awesome as she was so I’m thankful,” he remarked. “She taught me all the ways of music and much more.”

“Even To Just To Speak A Word” appears on Star Charts, Colin Phils’ split release with local act Houdan The Mystic from December of 2017, the first music released by the band since they landed in Richmond after time spent in Asia. The band is currently working on releasing a special edition, 15 track Japanese release that combines Star Charts and their 2016 record e,r,som,sa…, which was record in Shenzhen, China. The band plans to return to Asia in 2019 with a summer tour taking them through Japan and China.

Richmonders can catch Colin Phils in concert next on Monday, October 22nd at The Camel on a stacked bill featuring Caravela, Winded, Countdown From Ten, and local act Eh.

Until then, enjoy the video for “Even Just To Speak A Word” below.


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