Deau Eyes Delights In Lynchian Video For “Legacies”

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Earlier this month, riveting alt-pop songstress Deau Eyes embarked on her 2023 Tour de Richmond, a series of ten performances stretched across twelve days around Virginia’s capital. Each stop on the tour featured a unique way in which to experience her music: a full band line-up playing her albums front-to-back, an acoustic stripped-down set in a recording studio, and even a performance backed by a string quartet at a church. That church show was special for another reason as well — it served as the shooting location and premiere spot for Deau Eyes’ latest music video, “Legacies,” the exquisite title track to her 2022 album. Curiously enthralling, this video marked another unique entry into an ambitious period for Deau Eyes, one that showcases not only her musical prowess but also her commitment to creating immersive and unconventional moments for her audience.

Shot by video production group The Sunroom and directed by Michael Thibodeau, the music video drops Deau Eyes (real name Ali Thibodeau) into a Lynchian wedding between two elderly lovers. A peculiar recorder presentation sets the mood early on, where off-key notes are harmonized by the frantic wailing of an audience member before a smiling child holds up an applause sign. The music enters on cue there, allowing Thibodeau’s musical charm to soften the surreal premise with lush tones and comforting lyrics. Production shifts between sharp, professional shots and quick camcorder asides, imbuing the video with an anachronistic atmosphere that only adds to the aberrant essence.

Less Dada and more abstract, “Legacies” keeps the focus on Thibodeau through all the mishaps and scourges that occur, leaving the video as a half hazy dream and half prophetic vision. Captivating all the way through, it’s a testament to Thibodeau’s artistic control and the intentional construction of a visual narrative that transcends the ordinary, something that becomes apparent with the very first credit at the video’s conclusion: “Concept by Deau Eyes.”

“Legacies” is the second official music video from Deau Eyes’ 2022 record, following the music video for “Moscow In The Spring” released in February of 2022. Along with those, Deau Eyes also released two lyric videos for “(Let’s Call It) Safer Love” and “When” as well as live session videos for “When” and “Ends,” the latter of which was also produced by The Sunroom. Legacies was acclaimed by critics and fans alike upon release, leading to her being named as one of NPR’s artists to watch in 2023 as well as her being awarded the 2023 Newlin Music Prize. New music from Deau Eyes followed both honors as Thibodeau was the featured performer in two songs (“Not Too Late” and “Pride Like A Pendant“) from producer Ant The Symbol’s monumental album, I Know Who I Am, released this past June through Shockoe Records.

You can watch the video for “Legacies” below and make sure to follow Deau Eyes on social media to keep up-to-date on new concerts, upcoming releases, and more!


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