Discrepants Roar To Life On Debut Single & Video “Why Not Let God Be Your Dentist?”

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The underground scene in Richmond just got a little weirder with the arrival of Discrepants, the new project from scene veterans Samuel Goff and Richard Schellenberg that puts their songwriting through the prism of new, divergent musical styles. The duo will release their debut album Beginnings on October 28th via Cacophonous Revival Recordings, and they’ve released the first single from that record, “Why Not Let God Be Your Dentist?,” alongside a jarring, visceral video.

The album promises a range of genres from trip hop to ambient soundscapes with the first single reveling in chaotic hardcore rumblings. While vocalist Samuel Goff invokes the ghastly imagery of “preacher” Kenneth Copeland, churning rhythms and saw-like guitars fume in the background, trying to match the dread of the evangelical’s presence. In the video, distorted shots of Copeland are sandwiched between brutal dental imagery, twisting the serrated knife of the song’s already piercing atmosphere. Abrasive and challenging, it points to a record that hopes to land in new territory while almost taunting the old, though the derisive nature of the music is more tangible in the album’s lyrics which tackle everything from the military industrial complex to sobriety.

Pre-orders for Beginnings are available now over at Cacophonous Revival Recordings’ Bandcamp page (link), but until the record drops, you can view the turbulent video for “Why Not Let God Be Your Dentist?” below.


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