Eliza Frances Reveals Crime & Horror For “Seethe” Video

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You don’t expect clever wordplay and hypnotic rhythms to go alongside zombies and interrogation when talking about a breakup song, but that’s exactly what we’ve been given in “Seethe,” the new single out from Eliza Frances with an accompanying music video that serves as a narrative counterweight. There’s no editorial embellishment there. That’s exactly what you get from “Seethe” in an audio and video space.

Let’s start with the music. “Seethe” is a compelling song built on foreboding tones, clever lyrics, haunting vocals, and mesmerizing melodies. Equally emotional and incisive, it’s a song that proudly escapes the confines of a “breakup” song with some clear lyrical and musical surprises.

The genesis of the song began in May 2021 when Frances took inspiration from the Bebe Rexha album Better Mistakes (as well as the Lana Del Rey song “White Mustang”) and began crafting the melody of a song before the words had even arrived. But the lyrics are perhaps what put this song over the top, with a clever dissection of the title word that hammers home the theme of emotional reckoning. (“When I see the best in you, / I seethe”).

The music video for “Seethe” — filmed by Seyla Hossaini and edited by John Morand — also shows a form of reckoning, but in a completely different sense. Here, Frances embraces her fandom of true crime by showcasing a murder and all of the subsequent fall-out, including a zombie resurrection which comes at the spoken word bridge portion of the song. Surprises — this song packs a ton of them.

And hopefully we’ll have some more musical surprises from Frances soon. The singer is aiming to release more new music in 2023, but in the meantime, you can check out the video for “Seethe” below and follow Eliza Frances on Facebook (link), Twitter (link), and Instagram (link) for more updates.


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