Emma Garell Embodies The Siren In “Mother May I” Video

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The mythological siren has a long history in rock music, from Tim Buckley’s iconic elegy “Siren Song” up to Angel & Airwaves more piercing song “Sirens,” with the creature’s dooming beckon serving as a perfect metaphor for lost love, dismal tragedy, and conflicted ambition. This week, the siren finds its way to Richmond as part of the new video for “Mother May I” by Emma Garell, with the singer herself embodying the aching spirit.

The video, shot by multimedia group The Liquor Portal, finds Garell encountering her sullen bandmates, tempting them while singing “Do you want to hold me close” and taunting them while sneering “Suffocate me / love or hate me.” She saunters through the video, a commanding presence that curls over a slinky guitar riff and tempered drum beat. The song’s backdrop creates a nebulous playground for Garell to frolic around with her trademark bellowing croon, one that cuts deep with a harrowing resonance.

The song itself has deeper inspiration though. On her Bandcamp page, Garell describes the song as being about “the worst day of my life that shaped me forever.” But just like any musician worth her salt, Garell is channeling that day into her art. “I am trying to take a tragic moment and create positive opportunities from what I learned.”

“Mother May I” is the second single from Emma Garell in 2020 following January’s “I Wanna See Blood,” an anthemic rock track directed by Garell’s commanding vocals that wash over a rootsy swing with gritty distortion. Both songs are available on Garell’s Bandcamp to stream and purchase, as well as her 2019 single “Crawl” which was recently featured on All Elite Wrestling as the entrance music to wrestler Anna Jay.

Watch the video for “Mother May I” below and make sure to follow Emma Garell on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more news and updates.


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