Fly Anakin Captivates In Visceral Psycho Session Video

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It’s only February and there’s too much output from Fly Anakin in 2019 to keep a handle on.

He’s already partnered with Tuamie to release Emergency Raps, Vol. 4 a little over a week ago, and two weeks before that, he released the latest Big Fly collaboration record with fellow Mutant Academy MC Big Kahuna OG. Basically, if you’ve missed something from Fly so far this year, don’t feel bad, even if you’re a publication focusing solely on Richmond music… like us…

Sandwiched between his two records last month was a video of Fly Anakin’s recent appearance on the Psycho Session video series where he performed the short but captivating song “Proceed On” that’s produced by fellow Mutant Academy member Graymatter. Visceral, punchy, and instantly striking, it’s a great example of the intrinsic power Fly yields when he steps up to the mic in front of any beat.

Check out the Psycho Session video for “Proceed On” below, and make sure to follow Fly Anakin on Instagram (@flyanakin) and Twitter (@flyanakin ) for all future updates on what will surely be a prolific year for the talented MC.



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