Get A Rousing History Lesson From Prabir Trio On “America” Video

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Class is in session on the latest video for Prabir Trio and while the video and music for “America” have a free-wheeling spirit, the subject matter and commentary is far more serious and grim.

Tackling the educational gaps we’ve all encountered in the history of America, Prabir unloads some serious lyrical weight as the band rolls on a revving guitar riff. “It took a whole lot of money to keep Jesus on our side / A whole lot of money to turn the truth into lies / A whole of money to make us feel so brave / But it took a whole lot of time for us to free the enslaved” he sings as he showcases how “we” truly built the land of the “free.”

“This song is inspired by the history of this nation that has to be learned by the individual as large educational systems often overlook or are forced to overlook the actual history of the country,” writes Prabir in the description for the song which details his daily searching for more information into our nation’s history, something we all need to do thanks to systemic educational barriers. “This song is just a small survey of items we end up teaching ourselves since the depths of the real history were not really shared globally nor fully upon my arrival and education in the US public school systems.”

“America” is the third single released from Prabir Trio’s May, 2021 album Haanji, after “Light Up In The Name Of Love” in December of 2020 and “Slowly” in November of 2020, both of which received their own music videos. Meanwhile, Prabir Trio have a new batch of songs in the work so keep an eye on their website — — as well as social media for updates on the next release.

Enjoy the video lecture for “America” below, and make sure to stream and purchase Haanji over at Bandcamp.


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