Gnawing Kick “Shaky” Finger Flips On New Video

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Is there a better time than quarantine to bust out your finger skateboards and build your own mini-skate park to grind and stick around? The answer of course is no, but if you’re going to do it, make sure to at least be like local group Gnawing and pair it with some gratifying punk music that can scrape just as well as it can soothe.

On “Shaky,” the band gets creative in the era of social distancing with a nostalgic and calming video set to the title track of their latest three-song EP available now through Refresh Records. Smooth olleys and quick flips pair with shots of the band performing their savory garage track, both of which take more skill than this writer will ever have.

The song itself fits in line with the twangy garage sound of Shaky, an EP that keeps the signature punk drive to its sound while also maintaing a relatable lo-fi aestetich and purifying country-western charm. It’s a shaky line to be walking — pun intended — but one the trio pulls off with relative ease on each track.

The video for “Shaky” combines these sounds with the odd, yet somehow relaxing shots of finger skateboarding that really hammers home the versatility of rock music in 2020 and the ingenunity of bands like Gnawing that proudly tap into it.

Don’t miss all the death-defying tricks in the video for “Shaky,” and make sure to catch the full EP available now at Refresh Records and Gnawing’s Bandcamp.


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