Ice Water Drowns Out The Noise On “Talk About Me”

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Everyone’s got something to say, but it’s always best to move past the noise, something local MC Ice Water stresses strongly on his new single, “Talk About Me,” as well as its accompanying video.

On the song, Ice Water rhymes over a patient, chirping melody, pointing to the lyrical theme of biding one’s time while ignoring all the noise around you. Ice Water’s words direct the beat though, pulling and pushing it depending on his lyrical flow to create a swaying vibe throughout the runtime.

In the video for the song, directed by The ViXion and HighDOMinition, Ice Water further expands upon the lyrical idea with a prologue that utilizes the team from over at 101.1 The Fam. In it, the cohorts of The Dinnerplate are clowning on Ice Water before he even comes, trading their best barbs at the rapper’s stage name (best one goes to “ain’t nobody said they was thirsty”). In typical fashion, they freeze up and change their game once Ice Water arrives, proving exactly the point Ice Water makes on the brisk track that follows.

You can check out the video for “Talk About Me” below and make sure to follow Ice Water on Instagram (link) for more music.


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