Illiterate Light Come To Blows Over A Shirt In New Video For “Two Cats”

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Days before the release of their debut EP, Sweet Beast, the enterprising rock duo Illiterate Light has dropped another wild and creative music video, this time for their new song “Two Cats.”

The video, which premiered a few days ago at ThrdCoast, showcases the band in an irrevant and surreal fight over a floral crop top, one that followers of the bands will recognize as a core part of the band’s visual aesthetic. Like their last video for “Growin’ Down,” it’s another rambunctious outing from the duo, but one with a remarkably different tone, thanks to the “story” as well as the shooting style. The video, which was conceived and filmed in under 24 hours, was created for the Super GR8 Film Festival in Harrisonburg, VA, and was thus shot and edited entirely on Super 8 film, something which adds substantially to the video’s idiosyncratic spirit.

The song itself is another driving rock offering from the band, this time with some garage flair and urgency that rises above the flippant folk melodies the band has built a name upon. With an impellent guitar line and some oscillating vocals sprinkled in, it’s another great example of the duo’s far-reaching rock sound that still feels grounded within robust folk rock.

Currently, the band is on tour with Rayland Baxter, but will have a special break from that tour on Sunday, January 27th to play The Broadberry alongside Mt. Joy (for more information on that show, click here.) Before that show though, the band will release their first EP, Sweet Beast, on Friday, January 18th,

Until then, make sure to check out the video for “Two Cats” below, if only to see the duo throwing fake punches better than John Cena ever could.


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