Mackenzie Roark Brightens A Drifting Pursuit In New Single & Video, “Killin’ Time”

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Patience, they say, is a virtue, but that attribute can have limits when you’re wading through a bad patch in life. Even knowing there’s light at the end of the tunnel isn’t exactly comforting when you’re stuck in the darkness. Sure, those trying times are where you discover yourself and all that jazz, but it’s still a tough journey to slog through. Despite all the advice and assistance you can get, it boils down to just waiting for the good part, no matter how tedious and frustrating that may be, a sentiment the vivid singer-songwriter Mackenzie Roark is melodically expounding upon in “Killin’ Time,” her newest single that also comes with an accompanying music video.

Poignant and rousing, the song captures the feeling of being stuck in a holding pattern while waiting for something better to finally roll through. “I still call your baby cause it’s hard to quit / And even though we’re older, it’s the same old shit,” she sings in the opening verse, taking stock of her present relationship that’s doomed to fail. From there she moves on to observing the place she calls home, commenting on it with the same restless appraisal as she did her romantic partner. As she puts it, a good man and place are hard to find though, tempering her apathy and detachment with realistic optimism that shows how high expectations and aspirations can often stifle growth instead of encourage it.

Wrapped up with all the warm twang and rich timbre of a classic country-western tune, the message is delivered in a soul-stirring manner, framing it less about the particulars of a situation and more about the grand picture in life and how hard that can be to see, let alone understand. Roark’s vocals are striking in sound and piercing in resonance, portraying the struggle with a distinct perspective that never succumbs to cynicism or falls under the spell of idealism. It’s the lyrical clarity that uplifts the whole song though, making it an indelible piece of music that could offer solace in a trying time or harmonic escape in a tedious moment.

The video, shot and edited by Dietrich Teschner and Will Gemma, finds Roark reenacting this struggle in a daily route that quickly goes from bad to worse. An ominous message opens the video before Roark begins to question her romantic predicament with determination and resolve. From there, she hitchhikes to get to her next destination, an act that lands her in a perilous situation she only narrowly escapes. As Roark stumbles onto a place that finally feels comfortable, that cryptic opening message pops up again, revealing itself to be a quirky encouragement that spurs the musician to fully embrace her surroundings in the song’s spirited climax.

“Killin’ Time” is Roark’s first new song since the release of her compelling debut album, Rollin’ High, Feelin’ Low, in 2022 through Vocal Rest Records. The record was celebrated for its melodic reflection and inspiration, ultimately being included on the shortlist for the 2023 Newlin Music Prize. Originally penned in 2021, “Killin’ Time” carries forward the album’s lyrical wisdom and melodic charm, and ended up a live staple of Roark’s over the last couple of years, evolving and gaining depth with each rendition before finally being captured in this dynamic recording.

You can watch the video for “Killin’ Time” below and make sure to follow Mackenzie Roark on social media so you can stay up-to-date on her upcoming concerts and future releases.


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