Marcus Tenney’s Dynamic “Everyday” Featured On RVATRACK19

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RVATRACK returns with its 19th installment featuring a performance of Marcus Tenney‘s new song, the dynamically robust “Everyday.”

Previously released as a standalone single on September 21st through American Paradox Records, “Everyday” is a sprawling R&B composition featuring an unfurling rap line from Tenney that informs the soulful instrumentation evolving and expanding around him.

The single features vocals from Kenneka Cook who joins Marcus Tenney on the RVATRACK video alongside Sam Reed, and a myriad of other talented musicians (Calvin Brown on piano, Morgan Burns on guitar, Chet Fierson on saxophone, Cleandre Foster on drums, Sam Koff on trumpet, and Brandon Lane on bass). Make sure to watch to the end for some lighthearted and fun footage from the group of musicians.

Watch RVATRACK19 featuring Marcus Tenney’s “Everyday” below, and make sure to keep in touch with RVATRACK and Marcus Tenney for their future releases and collaborations.


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