Michael Millions Discusses Richmond Music On Coffee With Strangers RVA

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Podcast and video series Coffee With Strangers RVA released their first episode of 2019 this week, featuring an hour-long conversation with local hip-hop heavyweight Michael Millions.

Millions and Coffee With Strangers host Kelli Lemon talked over caffeinated brews at Pop’s Market in downtown Richmond, specifically honing in on Millions’ appreciation for the town in which he cut his teeth as a MC and musician.

“Music is here,” Millions proudly stated after gushing about not just the local hip-hop scene, but also the local metal and punk pockets. “I don’t know if our demographic or population fully understand that.”

The two talked about the recent photo shoot for the cover of RVA Magazine (RVA Magazine #35 — out now) and bringing together so many influential and talented hip-hop artists together. A crucial part of this topic was Millions honing in on not just the importance of the picture, but the location of the photo shoot in relation to local hip-hop history.

The conversation didn’t just stop at music, talking about Millions’ background that extends outside of Richmond, as well as his own coffee habits and restaurant picks, and of course, his own mural that’s now an iconic part of Richmond’s cityscape artwork.

For those looking to know about the person behind one of the best hip-hop records of 2018 — Hard To Be King if you’ve been living under a rock — this is a great listen showcasing the thought and passion Millions brings to the table in not just his art, but everyday life.

Michael Millions’ appearance marks the beginning of the 9th season for Coffee With Strangers RVA, a show that since 2015 has featured many of the movers and shakers in Richmond, specifically a bevy of the local music scene’s active contributors from musicians Sam Reed and Prabir Mehta to scene chroniclers Marc Cheatam (The Cheats Movement) and Andrew Cothern (RVA Playlist).

Make sure to listen to the whole hour-long chat with Michael Millions over at Coffee With Strangers‘ website (link here), and enjoy this six minute cut of the conversation below.


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