Mikrowaves Honor Mother’s Day With Winning Video For “U Da Mom”

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How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Social distance picnic? Afternoon Facetime call? Early morning present drop? Well, local band Mikrowaves had us all beat putting out a fun ditty entitled “U Da Mom” as well as an inspiring video ahead of the holiday.

Released this past Thursday, the video joins together personal photos of moms, new and old, with home recordings of moms dancing along to the funky beat in every setting: relaxing in a kiddie pool, vacuuming the living room, eating lunch at the dining room table, gardening in the backyard, and, of course, hula hooping (or “hula hula hula hoop”ing as the song goes).

As vocalist Eddie Prendergast told WRIC, the song grew out of a common saying at his household for his wife, Claire, and after it was finished, the two decided to make a video out of it to get moms into the forefront of photos and videos for a change and give them the celebration they truly deserve. The end result is an inspiring video, born out of a cheeky inside joke, that gives us all a chance to celebrate and cherish our mothers even more.

Mother’s Day may be over, but it’s never a bad time to brighten your mom’s day. So share this with your mom today if they haven’t seen it already, and then save it on iTunes and Spotify so you can bust it out next time there’s a birthday, milestone, or just a time when you want to put a smile on your mother’s face.

Watch the video for “U Da Mom” below and make sure to check out Mikrowaves’ social media for more (Facebook, Instagram).


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