Minimum Balance Release Video For Cagey Track “Aiming is Easy”

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Misanthropes (cautiously) unite as local art-rock group Minimum Balance has a new anthem for you, as well as an accompanying music video.

A little over a year since the release of their self-titled debut record, the versatile quartet has returned with “Aiming Is Easy,” a groovy track that asserts itself through defensive observations. It’s a song tailor-made for the art rock style, drawing inspiration from the fertile sounds of krautrock while being propelled by the atypical and resistive viewpoints of post-punk.

In the video, the band performs under multicolored filters giving the video a sleek, live feeling that’s subtly subverted and distorted with shots of Sean Bullock voicing the song’s titular lyric, something that becomes more abrasive and aggressive as the track reaches its climax. Most appealing is that the song or video never becomes too heavy-handed, making it an experience easy to enjoy for those drawn in by the groove as well as those looking to buck the status quo.

Minimum Balance has promised more new music for 2019 so make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page (Minimum Balance) for more updates. Until then, check out the layered video for “Aiming Is Easy” below.


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