Petrichor Release Studio Video Of “Saint Francis Satyr” Ahead Of New Record

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Next week, the heavy rock occult group Petrichor will release their latest record, II, and this past Thursday, the band offered their first taste of the new record with a stirring studio performance of their new song “Saint Francis Satyr.”

Shot and directed by Hunter Christy across two spaces (The Ward in Richmond and The Gossip Factory in Fredericksburg), the video captures an impressive performance from the quartet delivering a song that is as dramatic as it is striking. Towering and soaring, the song is a perfect embodiment of the aural power the band yields, with Jon Ramsey’s clanging guitar and the thudding rhythm section from bassist Eric Claytor and drummer Harrison Christy all swirling around the mystifying and sensational vocals from singer Tess Fisher. At the bridge, the band does an about-face from the heavy melody into a blistering takedown before coming back to the melodic surge that’s dynamically lead by Fisher’s voice.

Whether the song is evoking a mythic entity or the real-world endangered creature will be answered once the album is released, but what’s clear now is that this new record is not one hard rock fans will want to miss out on.

Petrichor’s new record II will be released Wednesday, January 9th, and the following day, Thursday, January 10th, the band plays an album release show at Don’t Look Back – Triple alongside local acts Bad Magic and Doubtfire. For more information on that show, click here.

In the meantime, enjoy this vibrant studio performance of “Saint Francis Satyr” below.


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