Premiere: Alex Mejias Looks Above With Worship R&B Album, Kingdom Land

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Tomorrow, spiritual musician Alex Mejias unveils Kingdom Land, an eight-track record full of modern day worship music presented through sleek R&B sounds and tender vocals. It’s a very different record than the Richmond music scene may be accustomed to, but one that’s undeniably important and impressive, which is why we at The Auricular are proud to offer an exclusive stream of it, available to listen at the bottom of this article.

Born from the mind of an ardent musician and fervent community activist, Kindgom Land is a truly unique record, written and performed with such clarity and intimacy that it transcends everything surrounding it, from its cordial pontifical message to its exemplary soul sound. It’s an important record for our modern day climate and is as much a byproduct of its time as it is a solution.

The record was written with the events of 2016 in mind, specifically the hollow and contradictory message evangelism began to advocate around this time. But unlike other reactionary pieces of art in the last few years, it doesn’t waste time responding to the ignorance or exposing the hypocrisy, instead keeping its eyes fixed high in the sky with a hopeful yet realistic mindset that shines through a unifying collection of sounds.

Visceral and penetrating, the music of Kindgom Land is instantly inviting, allowing Mejias’ message to come across clear and direct. Organic melodies are supported by invigorating instrumental flourishes and meticulous backing harmonies, all presented in diverse settings that borrow from the nascent days of soul music and also the golden age of country-western, revealing that there has always been more that connects us culturally than can ever truly divide.

Mejias recorded the album at Spacebomb Studios alongside the gifted Spacebomb House Band and famed producer Matthew E. White, who claimed that the record is “probably one of the top 10 best praise and worship records ever made.” High praise indeed, but justifiable once the full scope of Kindgom Land’s enduring theme is revealed. This isn’t shrouded inspirational music or hackneyed hymnal covers – these are original thoughts, both in word and sound, presented from someone looking to utilize his faith in the most admirable way possible: to welcome and energize everyone who listens, regardless of their background or belief.

Kingdom Land is one of the most compelling releases from Richmond this year, with significance that far extends the vital message Mejias set to champion. It’s a wondrous representation of modern soul and a perfect blueprint for how to use your own background and beliefs to unite rather than to separate. Above all though, it’s a towering testament to Mejias’ musicianship and faith, which feel inseparable and concordant throughout this entire glorious record.

Make sure to grab Kindgom Land when it comes out tomorrow through Alex Mejias’ website and check out his album release concert on Sunday, December 9th at The Robinson Theater alongside Lowland Hum and Resound (find more information here). Until then, enjoy an exclusive stream of the record below.


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