Premiere: Box Factory Buzzes Around A Summer Night With “Cicada”

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It’s nearly upon us. The time when heat waves morph into sun-soaked dazes ultimately culminating in hazy summer nights. Across the nation, schools are winding down and vacation season is on the horizon. Before long, we’ll be relishing in the blend of sweat-soaked relaxation, simultaneously grumbling about the heat while reveling in the vitality it brings. It’s a paradoxical dance with nature, eagerly awaited each year yet quickly met with complaints at the slightest hint of a bug bite. A constant tug-of-war ensues, where perceptions shift wildly, and an irrepressible desire for carefree enjoyment mixed with a hint of adventure emerges.

Sounds an awful lot like psych-rock, no? A wild detour I know, but it’s one that seems to go hand-in-hand with the humid stupor where we constantly stretch and rub our eyes hoping that a third wave of energy is on the way. Still not convinced? Well, just ask local act Box Factory, who appear to be riding the same wave with their sensational new single. On “Cicada,” the band condenses the mania and euphoria of late-night summer gatherings into a twisty jam of garage rock reveries. Out everywhere on Friday, May 31st, this single perfectly captures the fundamental charm and cagey skill of Box Factory, a band that Richmond locals will undoubtedly want to discover sooner rather than later. Today, The Auricular is proud to premiere this song with an exclusive stream below, accompanied by a spray of insight into its muggy genius.


Formed in early 2023, the textured psychedelic collective known as Box Factory has been a rising presence in the Richmond scene, steadily making their mark with regular house show performances and sets at dedicated venues like The Camel and Garden Grove. In April 2024, the band released their debut single, “Pool Of Mirrors,” a pulsating trance of fuzz expression that showcases a strong grasp of captivating jams. With “Cicada,” the band solidifies their grip, embracing the thematic essence of the song to enrich their sound and charge their delivery.

Taking advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime emergence of two adjacent broods this summer, Box Factory’s “Cicada” immerses itself in the imagery of scorching summer nights. It evokes the sensation of hands slick with condensation from chilled beverages and sticky with remnants of insects shattered by that perfectly timed knee slap. Opening with a buzzing crackle that fills the dead air between conversations, the band slides in with a twinkling guitar line, nestled in the space between the sparse fireflies and crowded night sky. Candid vocals follow, offering a tranquil musical interlude that would typically signal the end of the night’s festivities. However, as the drums intensify, a new phase unfolds, characterized by viscous tones dripping with creativity over the pulsating groove. Here, Box Factory crafts their own intricate labyrinth of melodic richness, each note sticking to every surface with a sense of infectious delight.

These tranquil and manic moments ebb and flow throughout the five-minute duration, with the vocals steadily intensifying as the music crescendos into a whirlwind of frenzy. By the conclusion, it’s as if both the band and the pests are stirred into a harmonious blend of psych-rock splendor, evoking the rare convergence of the double brood of periodical insects. A remarkable mix of dramatic flair and sonic depth, “Cicada” provides ample opportunities for the band to dazzle with technical prowess while also captivating with subtle cunning. Box Factory proves themselves not just as a band with an infectious sound, but as masterful creators of grooves and melodies that beckon listeners to return over and over. Just imagine the reaction when you unleash “Cicada” at your next gathering. But remember to savor its intriguing allure amidst the curious expressions on everyone’s faces. And also, stay ready to hit replay as soon as the song is over and they plead for another listen.

“Cicada” is out everywhere on Friday, May 31st, which you can pre-save now by clicking here. On Tuesday, June 4th, the band will celebrate this new track with a single release show at The Camel alongside Shagg Carpet and Tentative Decisions, which you can find out more information by viewing the concert flyer below. To keep up-to-date on future releases and show announcements, make sure to follow Box Fiction on Instagram or bookmark their website!


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