Premiere: Dayfiction Erupt With Garage Punk Fire On “Bullet In The Sun”

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The electrifying crackle of a distorted guitar. The relentless roar of a drum kit. The pulsating rhythm of a bass. Garage rock’s allure knows no bounds, especially in the classic power trio format where a harmony of tight noise ignites melodic passion, urging you to seize a guitar or drumstick and immerse yourself in its invigorating aura. Nowhere is this sensation more palpable than in emerging musical acts, where unbridled expression flows freely without pretense. It’s an eruption of inspiration, filtered through the personal prism of the musicians, perpetually dazzling and invigorating.

Today, we turn our ears to the sonic eruption coming from Dayfiction, a rising Richmond act armed with a potent blend of punk ethos and garage finesse. The trio of alternative mavericks are enthralling in every sense, commanding stages of all sizes and captivating audiences through headphones and speakers alike. As the band prepares to unveil their second album later this year, they’re primed to sustain their impact with listeners through their latest single, “Bullet In The Sun.” A surefire hit for fans of rough and tumble rock, the track boasts atmospheric distortion adorned with tart melodies, delivering a truly electrifying experience. Available everywhere on Friday, May 31st, The Auricular is proud to premiere this song a few days early with an exclusive below accompanied by background into its beckoning buzz.


The brainchild of musician Evan Solomon, Dayfiction has navigated through various incarnations and aliases over the years such as Death Plumes, Rocket Vomit, and even Solomon’s own name. Now joined by drummer Hannah Johnson and bassist Noah Brown, the band is poised to capitalize on their distinctive sound, exemplified in this new single. “Bullet In The Sun” encapsulates Dayfiction’s inherent genius, drawing inspiration from early 2010s garage and surf punk. The result is a raw yet refined sound that retains the essence of lo-fi recordings while showcasing meticulous craftsmanship, rising above typical recordings from developing acts.

A quaking wall of sound defines the sound, with a strong percussive rhythm directing the distortion through its searing stride. Solomon’s voice cuts through this haze like the titular projectile, adding its own melodic crackle that blends perfectly into the mix. As the chorus erupts, the track spirals into a whirlwind of fuzzy garage rock, with the band reveling in the bold noise atmosphere they’ve meticulously crafted. Yet, even amidst moments of indulgence, the recording maintains a sense of precision, capturing a tightly knit band operating with total control, where every deviation feels purposeful and astutely executed. It’s this mastery that elevates “Bullet In The Sun” into something remarkable, an engrossing slice of garage punk that commands repeated listens from all who push play.

“Bullet In The Sun” is the first single from the band’s upcoming EP, due out later this summer. It follows their debut EP, Porcelain Bud, from December 2023 which delighted with its brash sound. Recorded alongside Yusuf Goulmamine and Holden Wilson from local psych-rock favorites Ten Pound Snail, songs like “CDF” and “No More Kim Kelly” stimulate with noisy tension, a trait that “Bullet In The Sun” elaborates on with remarkable foresight. This signature sound is poised to evolve on their upcoming EP, maintaining its foundation in stripped-down rock while pushing boundaries with a musical uproar that demands attention. In the meantime, “Bullet In The Sun” offers a glimpse into the ascent of a rising band, not just brimming with potential, but already showcasing realized brilliance. It’s an experience you won’t want to overlook.

“Bullet In The Sun” is out everywhere on Friday, May 31st and you can pre-save it now by clicking here. To keep up to date on future releases and concerts from Dayfiction, make sure to follow them on social media by clicking here.


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