Premiere: Disrotter Rage Through Suffocating Decay On New EP, Restless Death

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The world as we know it can only deprecate itself so much until it falls.

Beneath the guise of progress and amidst fleeting illusions of prosperity, society silently crumbles, its once sturdy foundations weakened by the weight of division, inequality, and apathy. As cracks spiderweb across the surface, the fabric of our so-called communities frays, torn apart by the gnashing teeth of distrust and polarization that permeate every waking moment of life. Economic disparities widen, casting vast swathes of society into the abyss of poverty and despair, while the pillars of justice tremble under the weight of corruption and impunity. Amidst the cacophony of voices, meaningful discourse is suffocated by the deafening roar of echo chambers and misinformation. With every passing day, the walls close in, suffocating the collective spirit, as society teeters on the brink of collapse, desperate for a beacon of hope to illuminate the path forward.

This social corrosion presents a grim reality to contend with, yet it’s a challenge that the death metal trio Disrotter fearlessly confronts head-on on their new EP, Restless Death. Laden with ominous foreboding and unrelenting brutality, the four-track EP chronicles the unfolding stages of destruction, dissecting its origins, consequences, chain of events, and ultimate conclusion with urgent intensity. Unambiguous in its condemnation and exacting in its portrayal, “Restless Death” offers a haunting portrayal of pent-up turmoil finally unleashed after years of buildup. Today, The Auricular is eager to premiere this record with an exclusive stream of the four songs ahead of its digital release on April 1st (and physical release on April 19th), accompanied by reflections on the album’s macabre vision.


Restless Death marks Disrotter’s return to the music scene since their debut demo tape, Plague, released in early 2020 amidst the onset of the pandemic. The four-track tape served as a beacon of resolve, blending technical brutality to bolster spirits during woefully uncertain times. With this new EP, Disrotter boldly expands upon that foundation, delivering a heightened level of intensity and thematic grandeur that transcends the troubled lyrics. That feeling of smothering rot permeates each track on the record, sharpened by a collective sense of urgency and raw emotion.

Disrotter’s mastery of their craft is evident in every crushing riff and harsh roar, channeling the chaos of the world into a relentless sonic assault. Their brutal approach flows seamlessly between the intricate complexity of death metal and the raw aggression of grindcore, intertwining the two to create an incisive resonance throughout the record. Curt barrages turn into sustained onslaughts, helping to slash deeper and open the eyes and ears of anyone in the vicinity. With Bob Quirk at the recording helm and Rob Caldwell handling mixing and mastering, each track encapsulates the band’s full sonic weight, confronting austere atrocities with every blast and growl.

Lyrically, Restless Death presents a stark and unyielding depiction of mortality and decay. Themes of grotesque despair amplify the primal screams, whether expressed in solitary fury (“All will die here / In this realm / Hateful nature spreading”) or amidst a cacophony of anguished cries (“Here / Always / Taking / Slaughter the soul / Never / Ending / Life will cease”). “Grotesque and Displayed” confronts society’s fascination with pain and horror, forsaking empathy for a cold corporate nihilism (“Violence, death glorified / Shock and awe never ends / Pain, horror televised / Worship the smut now / Beg”), while the eponymous track delves into the repercussions of this hollow morality, foreseeing its own gruesome demise (“Twisted sense is / Scourging / Now / Your world falls / You will end here”). “Thriving In Decay” embraces this inevitable outcome, celebrating the natural order despite its grim connotations (“Carcass / The dead / The need / Devoured / Nourish / This land / We join”), and finally, “The Wretched End” paints a harrowing picture of finality with visceral imagery (“Feel, pain rot within / Suffer the times of malady / Let the sick burn in filth”).

The record’s artwork, crafted by DecoNoir, encapsulates these themes perfectly, featuring a contorted figure consumed by decay, suspended in a struggle between acceptance, rage, and longing. One eye lost to the ravages of decay while the other gazes towards the horizon, seemingly pleading for release in this life or the next. With each thunderous beat from Disrotter, this image resonates more deeply, driving home the bleak despair that underlies their relentless fury. Such a poignant portrayal begs for tangible change, actions that bring about meaningful progress and unwavering equity. Unfortunately, music of such magnitude only arises in response to issues so deeply ingrained that they become inseparable from our reality, whether acknowledged or not. In this context, the notion of “Restless Death” may not feel unavoidably imminent, but its likelihood looms larger than any listener would prefer to acknowledge. Thankfully, Disrotter possesses the fortitude to confront these issues head-on, delivering a record that is as bold and daring as it is necessary.

Restless Death is set for digital release on Monday, April 1st. CDs and cassette tapes will be available starting April 19th through Sewer Rot Records, Unholy Domain Records, and Old Shadows Records.

Disrotter is celebrating the release of this new EP with a special concert on Saturday, April 27 at Wonderland alongside Blazing Tomb and Prisoner. For more information on the show, check out the show flyer below.


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