Premiere: Gold Connections Presents A Polished & Melodic Rock Engine In “Turn”

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After releasing the splendid rock record Popular Fiction last May, local act Gold Connections is back in 2019 with new music in the form of a forthcoming EP entitled Like A Shadow. Four songs make up the EP and each further flesh out the rock vision of songwriter Will Marsh, one that carefully blurs the line between classic and contemporary while traversing new territory with intriguing and rewarding compositions. Today, we at the The Auricular are proud to premiere a track off this EP, the melodically churning “Turn,” which is available to listen at the bottom of this article.

Armed with a driving sound and deep tone, “Turn” is an instantly appealing song that charms on its surface and delights with its undercurrent. It chugs along like a robust rock train, but one that’s refined with some careful additions. Call-and-response vocals pop-up later in the song, providing depth to an already elastic vocal melody, but what’s most striking is the fleeting additions that pop-into focus briefly, like muted-guitar parts in between the titular phrase or stray guitar notes hitting ahead of the song’s register.

“Turn” concludes Gold Connections’ new EP and provides a nice summation of its rooted, yet roving sound. “I’ll find the word / I’ll find my vision” sings Marsh at the song’s onset, detailing the striving sound of not just the song itself, but the varied tracks before it. Even though it seems evident Marsh indeed found both the word and vision, it’s enough to show you that Marsh is constantly pushing and growing to reach something more, a fact proved time and time again in this latest batch of music.

Like A Shadow will be available everywhere on Friday, March 1st through Egghunt Records, and Gold Connections plays next in Harrisonburg on Sunday, March 3rd at The Golden Poney in Harrisonburg. Until then, enjoy an exclusive premiere of the driving rock tune “Turn” below.


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