Premiere: IONNA Revels In The Cascade Of Synth Emotion On “Rain”

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Water falling from the sky has long symbolized profound emotional revelations, encompassing both sorrow and joy. In the cleansing downpour, the true essence of our realities is revealed—some too agonizing to bear, while others too euphoric to grasp entirely. It serves as an ideal backdrop for the most compelling dramatic expression, permeating novels, cinema, and even music since the inception of each medium. Through this deluge of emotional intensity, we can find the most stunning of artists, which just so happens to be what we find standing tall behind the passionate deluge of a bold new single.

“Rain” is the latest offering from IONNA, a daring musician dutifully exploring and refining the fluid boundaries of electronic pop. With its gentle and uplifting melody, the song serves as a clarion call for acceptance amidst rejection–a theme IONNA navigates with sublime radiance. Out everywhere on Friday, May 31st, this new single showcases IONNA at the peak of her artistic prowess, delving into the depths of heartache and healing inherent in genuine emotional reckoning. Today, The Auricular is proud to premiere this sensational new song with an exclusive stream below accompanied by a deeper insight into its comforting resonance.


Developed by producer and singer-songwriter Soraya Silene, IONNA’s music draws inspiration from the depths of creativity to present narrative-driven compositions brimming with lively melodies, infectious grooves, and evocative lyricism. This artistic persona, inspired by a fictional character and comic sketch, grants Silene the freedom to fully immerse themself in the essence of each song’s aesthetic. With dramatic flair, they capture the musical highs and lows, delving into the depths of artistic expression. “Rain” epitomizes this fervor, unleashing a cathartic surge of uncertainty and anticipation, unfurling into the firmament with resplendent grandeur.

Amidst tender verses, framed by a magnificent choral procession of uplifting lyrics and fervent staccato vocalizations, they pose a haunting question that defines the aching beauty of the song. “Can you trust me now that I found myself,” they implore, yearning for reassurance that their journey to self-discovery hasn’t distanced them too far to forge a meaningful connection. Soft piano keys and a strong guitar melody murmuring beneath reinforce confidence amid loss and adversity, establishing “Rain” as an exemplary showcase of the brilliance distilled from digital tonal layering, something that’s become a hallmark of IONNA’s music thus far in their developing discography.

“Rain” marks IONNA’s first release of new music in 2024, following a vibrant collection of singles in 2023: “The Seeker,” “Ghost World,” “Ride,” and “Tiger.” These tracks came after the sensational debut single, “Remember When,” released in September 2022, which marked the beginning of the IONNA experience where emotional clarity intertwines with sonic depth to create a stunning display of artistic intimacy. Each of their singles showcases a different facet of the electronic persona’s brilliance. “Ride” and “Tiger” delve into esoteric themes beneath textured layers, while “Ghost World” and “The Seeker” explore freedom of expression through mesmerizing grooves and melodies.

Altogether, the music of IONNA builds upon Soraya Silene’s previous work under their name, starting with “Easy Rider” in 2017 and culminating in “One Wish” in 2021–the transition point between Soraya Silene and IONNA. Now, the two identities seamlessly blend, with a personal touch refining the enigmatic persona that propels their music into a stratosphere of affecting excellence and stirring comfort. “Rain” presents IONNA at their apex thus far–an aspiration that may seem lofty amidst the deluge of dulcet sounds yet is undoubtedly poised to be surpassed with each successive single. As IONNA continues their bold stride from one release to the next, evolving with deeper insight and sensational artistry, each song grows with deeper acumen and sensational guile. Until that next impressive progression, the emotional adventure of “Rain” solidifies IONNA’s status as a true star in a stunning constellation of local talent here in Richmond.

“Rain” is out everywhere on Friday, May 31st, which you can pre-save now by clicking here. The very next day, Friday, June 1st, IONNA is celebrating the new song with a single release show at The Camel alongside The Mitras and Spirit Gun. More information is available on the flyer below. To keep up to date on future releases and concerts from IONNA, make sure to bookmark their Linktree page or follow them on Instagram.


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