Premiere: Lobby Boy Unravel Ephemeral Desire in “Let Me Be Your Man”

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We’ve all experienced it. An influx of endorphins floods through you, igniting a flurry of thoughts. Your mind races, your heart struggles to match the tempo. You’re comfortably uncomfortable, a jittery blend of excitement and nerves pulsating with anticipation. Passion. Obsession. Intensity. It’s akin to a fever dream, where rationality and logic are eclipsed by an overwhelming compulsion. Despite knowing its transient nature, resistance seems futile.

This feeling of fiery desire has long fueled pop music’s creative engine. Yet, while many songs delve into the tense intricacies of such moments, few capture the fleeting essence–that overwhelming surge that ebbs as quickly as it flows. On “Let Me Be Your Man,” the newest single from Lobby Boy, this brief captivation is captured with extraordinary clarity. Through a whirlwind of emotions, the song commands our attention, leaving an indelible impression in just under a hundred seconds. It serves as a poignant ode to the manic stages of desire that we all encounter at some point in our lives. Set for release on Tuesday, March 19th, The Auricular is proud to premiere this stirring song a day early with an exclusive stream below, alongside reflections on its stirring representation.


“Let Me Be Your Man” begins with a shimmering soundscape and a longing vocal melody, wasting no time in establishing the aching ode. As stray observations turn to blurs in the emotional cyclone, vocalist Chez Goodspeed deftly locates the heart of the intoxicating dilemma (“Pure pleasure, pure pain don’t feel the same\ When it’s knotted in your vein”). Nestled halfway between maudlin and starry-eyed, the contemplation persists before culminating in its central inquiry (“And what am I supposed to do\ Yea, who am I to you?”). A pulsating rhythm ensues, accompanied by lyrics that embrace fanciful wonder, enveloped by nimble notes that dance, dart, and distort around the song with captivating allure. As the titular lyric is gracefully introduced, it becomes evident that the lyrics grasp the volatility of the situation, beckoning the object of affection to navigate the labyrinth of emotions together before they cascade into a shimmering spectacle (“So I’ll/ Trace My steps with heavy hands/ You should let me be your man/ You should let me be your man”.

The shortest entry into Lobby Boy’s rich, lore-heavy discography, “Let Me Be Your Man” cleverly showcases its own ingenuity. Brimming with imaginative lyrics, enchanting melodies, intriguing tones, and ambitious composition, the track boasts an abundance of crafty musicianship all packaged within a runtime that necessitates re-listens, countless ones that will match the fixating infatuation of the lyrical plea. Exuding acute sweetness and sharp sensationalism, it stands as yet another triumph for Lobby Boy’s bold and tender sound, evolving into something even more extraordinary with each subsequent release that makes the spirited quintet such a pleasure to follow.

“Let Me Be Your Man” marks Lobby Boy’s first musical offering of 2024, following their magnificent single “Hold Me Still” released in September 2023 and the Live At The NorVa EP in November 2023. Building on this momentum, Lobby Boy embarks on a brisk tour along the East Coast, with stops in Philadelphia on 3/21 at The Meadow, Akron, PA on 3/22 at House Of Jerks, Baltimore, MD on 3/23 at Holy Frijoles, and Queens, NY on 3/24 at Sundown. On March 28th, the group returns to Richmond with a stacked line-up at The Camel, featuring New York synthpunk band Public Circuit and local favorites GIRLSPIT and Shagg Carpet. If you’re anywhere near these performances, catching Lobby Boy is a must, as they add this new powerhouse to their already astounding set. After just a few songs, you’ll undoubtedly become a devoted follower of their captivating electronic sound. The Auricular proudly counts itself as one of those followers, so why not join in on the fun?

“Let Me Be Your Man” is out everywhere on Tuesday, March 19th and you can pre-save it now by clicking here.

Richmond-ers can catch Lobby Boy in concert next on Thursday, March 28th at The Camel alongside Public Circuit, GIRLSPIT, and Shagg Carpet, while residents of Philadelphia, Akron, Baltimore, and Queens can find them on tour starting on 3/21 and ending on 3/24. For more information on both, check out the tour and show flyers below.


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