Premiere: No Moniker Endure Cold Indifference In “Across The Ice”

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In the push for a more open and free society, we exert so much energy trying to combat the hatred in the world that we often forget about something that can be just as destructive: indifference. On the surface, the two viewpoints appear as opposing emotions, but at their core, they’re both capable of inflicting harm on a large and intimate scale, harming communities across the world while also damaging relationships on a personal level. Hatred, despite its malicious intent, can only exist through an acknowledgment of existence, whereas indifference erases the central identity of a cause without any effort at all.

Subtle and pervasive, indifference is a tool used as a silent accomplice for injustice across the world, but perhaps its most chilling effect is felt when utilized by a close and cherished companion, corrupting a personal bond that was once a supportive pillar in someone’s life. It’s here where we find alt-pop band No Moniker on their newest single, “Across The Ice,” struggling with aching abandonment in the wake of apathy and detachment. Utilizing the imagery of a frigid, unwelcoming landscape, the duo constructs a stirring allegory within an electrorock format that shows how emotionally devastating indifference can truly be when it comes from those you love. Out everywhere on Friday, June 9th, The Auricular is proud to offer an exclusive premiere of this stirring new single with an exclusive stream of the song below as well as some insight into the sharp nuance the song carries.


In a brief conversation about “Across The Ice,” lead singer Simone Scott described the song as “a letter from a forgotten soul, asking her love to insult her, hurt her, anything but ignore her.” That desperate longing is felt throughout the song with vivid lyricism drifting through dire metaphors (“Waiting for my sailor, I became the jailor/ Locked in the cell where I am now”) and vulnerable truths (“It quickens the blood, paralyzes the mind”). Before those words even come through though, the listener is greeted with sounds that convey the strained burden placed on the singer as pulsating hums weigh heavy on the opening of each musical phrase. In a way, it foreshadows the paralyzing effect the lyrics relate later on, tightening its grip with each musical phrase.

As the song moves on, a jittery drumbeat from Madison Hinson enters, adding to the layered distress of the song with a restless drive. Unfortunately, that drive is unfulfilled in the face of such callous and adamant indifference, but it still propels the song into a sensational melody and rousing groove in the chorus where the aching lyrics find strength after weaving through so much layered anguish. That self-assurance seems to stay through to the song’s conclusion, finding purpose and self-worth despite such a personal betrayal of identity by someone trusted. Thankfully though, this clarity doesn’t seem to come at the cost of its own detachment as the lyrics leave the door open to mend and repair the relationship one day in the future.

Speaking further about the song, Simone Scott said the duo took inspiration from Ursula K. LeGuin’s 1969 novel Left Hand Of Darkness and the climactic ice battle in Sergei Eisenstein’s 1938 cinematic epic Alexander Nevsky. “Scenes of isolation, conflict, sometimes love, on a blinding white sheet under an endless white sky,” she summarized, pointing to the stark desolation found within an arctic terrain that mirrors the painful desertion the lyrics narrate. All of this helps layer the song with vibrant emotion that’s felt in every tone and word, whether at its painful low or its resolute high.

“Across The Ice” is the first taste of new music since the duo’s acclaimed record, Let’s Don’t, was released in 2022, although it’s not quite the first “single” No Moniker has released in 2022. In March, the duo released “212,” a re-recording of “Two One Two (In Heaven)” from Let’s Don’t that helped close the Let’s Don’t era of the band before “Across The Ice” ushers in the next phase. This new stage will be instantly familiar for fans of the band, but clearly reflects a growth and evolution in their musical style. As fans eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for the band, “Across The Ice” serves as a testament to No Moniker’s ability to craft deeply emotive and insightful music while still maintaining an infectious and captivating sound.

”Across The Ice” comes out Friday, June 9th on all streaming platforms, which you can pre-save now by visiting this link. Make sure to follow No Moniker on social media so you can keep up-to-date on future releases and concerts.


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