Premiere: Oh Devil Thrill With Piercing Anthem On Debut Single “In Metamorphosis”

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For being such an integral part of our lives, the concept of identity is inherently flawed. Think about it. We rely heavily on identity as a stabilizing force, grounding us amidst the ever-changing landscape of our personal experiences and the world around us. It shapes how we communicate, form connections, and engage with everything, providing not just a necessary but an essential sense of belonging and continuity. Why do we depend so much on this though when identity, by its very nature, is fluid? Who you are today is not who you were last year or five years ago, and so on. By default, personal identity is a constant ebb and flow shaped by the currents of experiences, relationships, and personal growth. How can something so crucial to our existence be so mercurial over time?

This line of thinking is precisely why the concept of not recognizing oneself in the mirror is so harrowing. Even more unsettling though is the thought of not recognizing one’s own thoughts and actions, failing to distinguish the fundamental aspect of one’s being. But it happens, all the time, in moments both big and small. Coming to grips with that is no easy feat, but it’s exactly what makes our journey of self-discovery and personal growth so profound, something that local band Oh Devil explores brilliantly on their debut single “In Metamorphosis.” Bold, daring, and exhilarating, the song offers a perfect introduction to this new musical force intent on tackling the complexities of life head-on with musical precision. Officially set for release on Friday, March 1st, The Auricular is proud to premiere this impressive song today with an exclusive stream below as well as some further insight into its potent catharsis.


Oh Devil is a grunge-punk power trio comprised of Becka Russell on vocals and guitar, Brittany Horkan on drums, and Alex Harris on bass. Richmond music enthusiasts may already be familiar with Horkan and Harris, known for their contributions to the vibrant folk-punk ensemble FLKL. Meanwhile, Russell, having previously created music in Alexandria, brings her unique touch to the trio. Released under the moniker zenbliss, Russell’s two previous singles (“Afterthought” in 2018 and “Being And Nothingness” in 2022) offer a more lo-fi pop approach while still maintaining a distinct narrative resonance, a quality that echoes through the compelling nature of “In Metamorphosis.” That song itself was initially a part of Russell’s solo acoustic repertoire before undergoing a transformation for Oh Devil, where it was reimagined within a gruff rock aesthetic. This evolution mirrors the song’s theme of shifting identity, seamlessly blending its acoustic origins with a dynamic punk adaptation.

In the song, Russell explores the disorienting journey of transitioning from one existence to another, emphasizing the confidence found in her present state (“But I’m so composed/ And I’m so together now”) while yearning for the spontaneity and impulsiveness of the past (“I’ve been choking on mementos/ Of getting blackout with my friends/ And throwing caution out the window”). There’s a poignant vulnerability found within this state of flux, one that Russell so strikingly embodies within a simple yet affecting line that becomes the song’s comforting rallying cry. “And I’m finally starting to feel better about/ Not feeling all that much like myself”, she declares with conviction while embodying the precarious nature of self-discovery and growth.

Later in the song, the lyrics shift from personal reclamation to reflective repudiation, appreciating the change but lamenting the shortcomings of another that led to its onset (“It’s been exhausting, being the person who you want/ But I’ve let mother nature make up for all you don’t”). In this moment, Russell takes full control of her new circumstance with resolute scorn highlighting the serious nature of the situation (“I’ve transformed, and I’ve adapted/ To the cold shoulder that you hold/ I hope you take as we’ll as I do to being”). Altogether, it makes for a song that will fuel any sudden change in life, whether spurred by your personal resolve or by another’s errant behavior.

Musically, the song rises to shoulder the weight of its profound lyrical depth. While the band characterizes its sound as a fusion of grunge and punk, the song delicately ventures into the lush, reverb-soaked realms of shoegaze. The opening moments of the song place it within close proximity of the beloved song “Together Or Alone” by Roanoke band Eternal Summers from their 2015 record Gold And Stone. Similar to that song, the vocals employ a snappy bark at times to undercut the narrative strain. However, unlike the ethereal haze in “Together Or Alone,” Russell never loses herself, maintaining a clear and direct delivery to fully address and navigate the tumultuous transformation underway. The end result is a song drenched with emotional reverb that only sharpens the band’s strident rock sound.

Monumental. Such is the impression left by Oh Devil’s debut single in the end. “In Metamorphosis” meticulously explores a complex and elusive facet of existence, wielding the sharp edge of a seasoned punk band and the profound depth of a skilled lyricist. Armed with this song, the next time you don’t quite feel like yourself, at least you won’t feel so alone, especially after experiencing the transformative journey encapsulated in its powerful sound and insightful lyrics. Hell, even if you do feel completely in tune with yourself, this song will continue to captivate, offering endless wonder with each listen.

“In Metamorphosis” will be released to all streaming platforms on Friday, March 1st. You can catch the band next in concert on Tuesday, May 5th at Bandito’s for the Holy Shit III Fundraiser alongside Headscratcher, Circle Breaker, Every Eye, and False Nectar. To keep up to date on future shows and releases, make sure to follow Oh Devil on Instagram (click here).


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