Premiere: REIN Balances Guitar Heroics With Intimate Expression In “Getcha Back”

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It’s challenging to trust our minds and hearts when so much of our memories are wrapped in romanticized nostalgia. Reflect on your favorite shows and movies from your youth; how many of them truly stand the test of time and hold up without the veil of nostalgia? Even snacks and treats from our childhood can disappoint upon comparison, leaving us frustrated at how they’ve “messed with the formula” instead of questioning if they were ever genuinely good or just overly sugary concoctions. And let’s not even get started on the behaviors and trends that we once thought were cool. None of us need those cringe-worthy reminders haunting us tonight.

In a similar vein, there’s the notion of “lost love”–relationships that ended prematurely, leaving lingering “what ifs” that echo through our minds for years, even decades. This too is often romanticized, becoming a cruel obsession that can hinder our ability to form meaningful connections or pause our personal growth. It’s a trap, through and through. Instead of learning from our mistakes and moving forward, we find ourselves drawn back to the unresolved past, hoping to alleviate our current restlessness. But this often leads to disaster, a cycle that repeats itself far too often. Thinking back to movies and television, how many reboots truly surpass the original? Despite the clear answer, don’t they still hold a certain allure in the moment when you think about a cult favorite that didn’t end on the best note?

In this struggle, we find REIN, local guitar hero and pop-rock whiz wielding his electrifying strings like a lightning rod, channeling the frenzy of this emotion into his latest resolute track, “Getcha Back.” Serving as a rock plea for the unattainable, the song is a slick production that vulnerably exposes how toxic this mindset can truly be. While catchy melodies intertwine with the thought-provoking lyrics, REIN’s sound further evolves as he harnesses his instrumental dexterity to drive his sharp harmonic intellect. Available everywhere on Friday, June 7th through Shockoe Records, The Auricular is delighted to premiere this magnetic new track with an exclusive stream below, along with further analysis into its refined musical craftsmanship.

REIN – “Getcha Back” Stream


The newest addition to the Shockoe Records lineup, REIN is the recording moniker of Jordan Reinecke, a dedicated student of six-string melody and harmony since his early teens. His talent has been evident through his involvement in several bands over the years like Hollywood Cemetery, Yesterday And Tomorrow, and Five Second Rule. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that he began to carve out his own identity as REIN, initially collaborating with artists such as Baby Bugs and Steevn Shires before firmly stepping into the spotlight with bold singles like “HEARTBEATER.” Guest appearances and collaborations continued, including the early 2024 single “It Girl” by Rine (spelled and pronounced differently!), but REIN’s primary focus remained on his solo music. With each release, his sound matured and improved, turning the ears of local fans as well as studio heads and label representatives.

On “Getcha Back,” that sonic growth reaches its peak, delivering a song that’s both an anthem for the heartbroken and a cautionary tale about becoming lost in the past. “I’m holding on even though my heart feels jaded,” REIN confesses, as he rushes through a whirlwind of emotions, drifting away from a new connection while trying to rekindle an old flame. “I only spent all those nights there, baby, ’cause she kinda made me think it was you,” he continues, lost in the yearning nostalgia that blinds him to the promise of the present. Expressed with firm conviction, it’s a powerful statement delivered without pretension, admitting to past mistakes while innocently overlooking the impending personal disaster looming on the horizon.

Behind this plea lies a masterclass in pop-rock composition, showcasing slick guitar work that excels in its concealed brilliance. In the chorus, it punctuates the beat with a dual smack, subtly sounding the alarm of the singer’s impending woes. During the verse, the guitar relaxes into a swinging strum, gliding effortlessly alongside the driving drumbeat with seasoned finesse, adding flair beneath the personal confessions that reveal a subconscious still fighting for what’s right. This interplay adds slick nuance to the power pop sound, transforming a lively guitar jam into a thoughtful meditation on accountability and obsession, one that seems to only be resolved through a reckless choice.

“Getcha Back” is the first single from REIN in 2024 following a productive 2023 that saw the release of an EP’s worth of singles throughout the year: “Evermore,” “Devil Was An Angel,” “Radio,” and “Miss Christmas.” Each track excelled on the strength of his bold guitar sound, with melodic and lyrical inclinations bracing themselves against the twists and turns of the electric route. However, this latest single takes a different approach, allowing melody and lyrics to chart the course while the guitar provides a solid foundation (though still shining brightly in the song’s climax). This evolution positions REIN as an even more prominent musical presence to watch for in the future, as he continues to explore how nuanced dexterity can fuel various melodic wonders. Until the next marvel reveals itself, “Getcha Back” delivers a compelling emotional ride in a concise format, making repeated listens a necessity rather than a mere suggestion.

“Getcha Back” is set for release on Friday, June 7th, and you can pre-save it now by clicking here. To stay up to date on future releases and concerts from REIN, make sure to follow him on Instagram.


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