Premiere: Ryan Irby Engages Soothing Detachment On “Blindest Eye”

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In a world where every product, platform, and organization relentlessly seek to capture our attention, mere existence demands more from us. We are compelled to care about matters both vast and trivial, near and distant, profound and superficial. The constant barrage is draining, leaving us fatigued to the extent that when something of genuine importance requires our mental and emotional focus, we find ourselves operating at less than full capacity. It feels as though we are adrift in a ceaseless sea of stimuli, our heads just above the horizon, trying to make the most of each breath. Participating in this grueling dance of modern existence appears to be a conscious choice, but what alternative is there? Is detachment the answer? A term that inherently conveys callous indifference. Well, in today’s age, maybe it’s time to reclaim that definition, a notion that local singer-songwriter Ryan Irby explores in his latest single “Blindest Eye.” A daydream of neo-Americana, the song vividly captures the essence of simply doing nothing, all while addressing the accompanying guilt and complexities. Ahead of its official release on Friday, March 8th, The Auricular is proud to premiere this song today with an exclusive stream below.


In the initial moments of the song, Irby poses a profound question: “If everything hinges on me\ why should I take any action?” This inquiry lays bare the intricate struggle between personal agency and the overwhelming burden of societal expectations. Irby skillfully encapsulates a pervasive dilemma, where individuals grapple with the weight of their actions in a world inundated with constant stimuli. In this scenario, any semblance of autonomy seems elusive, and while even detachment is met with criticism, Irby artfully advocates for disengagement through eloquent lyricism (“I am safe when I don’t care at all\ Then the pain, well, it cannot be my fault“).

Following this line of thinking, Irby unveils a harsh truth steeped in fatalistic existentialism and stoic realism. “If the redwood’s burning down, what can I do from the ground,” he suggests through metaphor, painting a vivid image that resonates with recent wildfires intensified by climate change–a global crisis fueled by collective greed that often attempts to shift responsibility onto helpless individuals. This scathing rebuke extends beyond environmental concerns though, applying to a myriad of crises bombarding us incessantly. Constant reminders that the world is crumbling around us won’t make us race to fix things. It will only serve to further overwhelm and paralyze us, making detachment not a lazy luxury but a coveted necessity.

Lush and intricate, Irby exhibits a masterful touch in shaping a vibrant soundscape that enhances the resonance of his message. Collaborating with Brian Jones on drums, Alex J Dimas on backing vocals, and Ian Blackwood on violin, the composition unfolds with diverse musical textures, blending elements that exude both a progressive allure and a nuanced caution. The result is a dreamy atmosphere, reminiscent of a reverie that lingers in your memory with remarkable precision long after waking. This sonic creation doesn’t merely evoke a hazy fantasy though; it resonates with sharp clarity, touching upon raw emotional nerves that are only exposed due to the constant barrage of updates and developments.

Though it’s tethered to his previous work, specifically his album Apogee which was a stand-out amidst a crowded field of local releases in 2023, “Blindest Eye” plays out like an abstract continuation of Iron & Wine’s 2011 epic folk tune “Walking Far From Home.” In that song, singer Sam Beam takes stock of the bright and dark colors of the world around him as he ventures from his comfort point, noting each new aural color with its own descriptive narrative. Everything is felt, understood, and realized, a thought that must surpass any type of personal bandwidth a person can shoulder. “Blindest Eye” slides in like a perfect counter-balance, trading the marching cadence for a dreamy drift and the couplet observations for emotional vignettes. It still acknowledges everything around but doesn’t pack them all in together so they’re indistinguishable from each other, a never-ending field of priority one issues that never get resolved.

There’s not much we can do to change this plight, but with “Blindest Eye,” Irby offers up a hell of a lot more than screen-free days ever could. The problem won’t be solved by simply turning off your electronics. We’ve got to actually talk about it and spend time on it, time otherwise spent on the latest panic attack as a ticking clock marks each passing minute. “Blindest Eye” is the soothing comfort in that anxious instance, letting you know that it’s not just okay to let go, it’s essential for healthy living… whatever that means in 2024.

There are bound to be numerous articles that tout new strategies for achieving this elusive balance, but instead of adding to your list of bookmarks and follow-ups, why don’t you just put this song on, close your eyes, and breathe for a moment? You definitely deserve it.

“Blindest Eye” is set for release on Friday, March 8th on all streaming platforms. To keep up-to-date on all news and updates from Ryan Irby, make sure to follow him on social media by clicking here.


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