Premiere: Stevie Johanson Invites You To Drift With Purpose On “Float”

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Carving out time to decompress has become a vital aspect of our daily lives. Without it, we find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of continuous deadlines and obligations. But that unwinding really only serves as a mere distraction–a familiar retreat into beloved movies or TV shows, or perhaps an exploration of a new bar or hobby. Achieving true relaxation… now, that is a daunting task. Those well-versed in meditation understand the immense challenge of attaining a clear mind. Simply sitting down without any distractions quickly reveals the floodgates of our consciousness bursting open, inundating us with a torrent of emotions, observations, dreams, desires, memories, and more. It’s a relentless deluge that threatens to sweep us away if we’re not careful. Yet, amidst this chaotic wave, there can emerge moments of clarity or insight–brief respites that make the chaotic dance of life seem more manageable and meaningful.

For Richmond musician Stevie Johanson, this sudden epiphany manifests itself through a tranquil musical composition entitled “Float.” A perfect blend of relaxation, aspiration, and natural beauty, this new song presents a genuine form of relief, neither shying away from the realities of life nor offering false illusions. Instead, it delicately suspends listeners between the grime and prime of existence, providing a nuanced comfort that navigates between life’s challenges and joys. Out everywhere on Friday, March 22nd, The Auricular is proud to premiere this lithe song today with an exclusive stream below as well as some further insight into its heartfelt resonance.


Set against a backdrop of serene melodies crafted by nimble string plucks and delicate piano taps, “Float” unveils a tranquil soundscape–a folk-inspired serenade perfectly suited for the astute introspection of a gifted singer-songwriter. Johanson effortlessly meets these expectations with remarkable poise, offering lyrical reflections that elegantly navigate the flood of insights with profound wisdom, providing timely and relevant guidance (“But in my life\ I’ve been tricked\ Like this before\ So go with the flow\ Drift away“). Here, Johanson effortlessly surrenders to the ebb and flow, riding the cresting wave until it settles into a calm stream, murmuring with reassuring intent (“Even though it may/ Still hurt/ I can’t help but see/ A diamond in the dirt“). The music resonates with sublime beauty, flowing with the same gentle rhythm that makes the lyrical counsel so enlightening and rejuvenating, offering relatable affirmations (“So when you think/ That I’m the worst/ Just know I feel it too/ Like I’m about to burst“) alongside vulnerable confessions (“In the night/ I can feel your heart/ Beating with mine/ Yet I try to fight/ I scream, I cry/ I run and hide“).

The artwork for the album, crafted by local musician and Woman Crush Wednesday organizer Bri Bevan, adds an extra layer of allure to this single release. In recent years, there has been a prevailing theme in art and media depicting the feeling of being overwhelmed or struggling to stay afloat—a poignant reflection of modern expectations and the weight of contemporary excess. Bevan’s design appears tailor-made to capture this sentiment while also offering a soothing alternative. By portraying a figure suspended in the tide with their head barely above water, the image evokes a serene sensation of hovering above life’s burdens, suggesting a more desirable state to strive for than the frantic flailing in turbulent waters. This sense of floating, as delicately conveyed by Johanson’s music, beckons us to reach for something more meaningful in life than simply grasping for the remote control or satisfying immediate needs with something in the fridge.

“Float” marks Stevie Johanson’s first release since his impactful debut EP, “The River’s Bend,” which arrived in August 2023. The four tracks from that record leaned toward the pop-rock genre, but this new single showcases Johanson’s ability to delicately weave tender melodies with even touching lyricism. With soul-stirring soundscapes like “Float,” Johanson’s lyrical finesse shines brightly, offering a captivating contrast to the electrifying jams previously released into the music world. The direction the pendulum swings next remains uncertain, yet if there’s anyone capable of balancing these two aspects with finesse, it’s the mastermind behind this transformative rhapsody that’s easily a must-have for any type of musical serenity regimen.

“Float” is set for release on Friday, March 22nd to all streaming platforms. To keep up to date on future releases and performances by Stevie Johanson, make sure to follow him on social media by clicking here.


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