Premiere: Sweet Touch Debut With Effervescent Glamour On “Fizzy Drink”

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First impressions are crucial, in meetings, experiences, interactions, and even nourishments. The first bite of a warm meal always comforts us. And that initial sip of a refreshing beverage? There are few sensations better in life, whether it’s quenching your thirst after a long day or treating yourself to a moment of indulgence and solace. Music operates on a similar wavelength. Your initial encounter with a new artist can either forge a lifelong connection or spark skepticism, the latter often resulting in a surge of excitement upon discovering something new and extraordinary. Just like nothing beats that first sip of a tasty beverage, nothing quite beats coming across a new exciting artist. And that’s precisely what we offer to you today with “Fizzy Drink,” the debut single from electronic duo Sweet Touch.

Sugary, but not in a cloying way. Refreshing, but not in a cliche manner. “Fizzy Drink” frolics on the palate with an impish charm, oscillating between sassy and exuberant with every sip. It’s an audacious debut release from the nascent group, consisting of seasoned music veterans exploring fresh territory with an intriguing sound. Out everywhere on Friday, May 2nd, The Auricular is proud to premiere this song a few days early with an exclusive stream below, accompanied by background into this exciting new combo.


Sweet Touch brings together the musical talents of Deliah Truck (FLKL) and Mike Sneed (The Octavias, Project Magic), crafting a captivating electro-bass pop duo that swiftly establishes itself as one of Richmond’s most distinctive musical acts. Leading the charge, Truck’s lyrics and vocals act as the irresistible hook that captures unsuspecting listeners, drawing them in with infectious allure. Meanwhile, Sneed thrives in the backdrop, producing textured grooves with nuanced chaos that gives shape to melody and harmony. In “Fizzy Drink,” this combination proves especially potent as Truck’s vocals playfully dance above Sneed’s intricate rhythms, sparking a dynamic interplay that fuels their musical impulses. As the repeated lyrical refrain instructs throughout the capricious song, it’s a blend listeners just have to try.

Truck’s voice is the model of golden age indie music, resonating powerfully across 8-track recordings and full studio productions alike. It maintains an unfiltered authenticity, subtly guiding melodies with a depth of sincerity and familiar clarity. This understated versatility shines brilliantly in a song like “Someone,” an intimate recording released on Dylan Marx’s 2020 compilation Pals that found new, captivating light when transformed into “Tandra And The News,” a standout piece on FLKL’s acclaimed 2023 album, Fistful. In “Fizzy Drink,” Truck effortlessly employs this same adaptable prowess, seamlessly navigating the expansive electronic landscape laid out before her. Her lyrics, laced with a nonchalant allure, lead her vocals through a spectrum of moods–mysterious, mischievous, audacious, and commanding–forming a bubbly melodic blend befitting the song’s carbonated title.

Sneed’s work in creating that electronic landscape is equally captivating. Under the moniker Project Magic, his digital musical forays cover the expanse of electronica, seamlessly blending spastic jungle beats with soothing trip-hop vibes across his daring releases. In his 2024 single, “Hold On To Your Butts,” Sneed reaches the pinnacle of electronic frenzy, delivering an abrasive and uncompromising sonic experience that demands attention. Interestingly, this intensity serves as a compelling counterpart to his other 2024 release, “Bad Dates With Stranger,” a jangly and snarky single by The Octavias, a punk power trio in which Sneed lends his bass expertise.

Indeed, the punk backgrounds from Truck and Sneed, showcased in The Octavias and FLKL respectively, contribute to the clandestine allure that renders “Fizzy Drink” irresistibly addictive. Certain elements of the track evoke the sensation of an exclusive inside joke, tantalizingly inviting listeners to join the fold. Meanwhile, other aspects exude a raw, unapologetic embrace of their brand of rebellious nonconformity, offering a bracingly caustic welcome into their gritty world. Whether the invitation is given or anticipated, listeners willingly surrender to the intoxicating mix, enjoying moments of euphoria and satisfaction hidden within every digital tone and vocal nuance.

In this mesmerizing blend, the convergence of Truck and Sneed’s punk ethos with electronic innovation creates an irresistible concoction that beckons listeners to lose themselves in its intoxicating depths. Approach the song like a connoisseur of fine wine, and you may be able to detect hints of dance-punk, electroclash, or even a bubblegum version of darkcore. But really, this type of beverage is one you’ll rush to imbibe, more concerned with the euphoric rush it delivers than the specific flavors that compose it. Luckily, there’s no limit to refills… so savor every sip and enjoy the experience.

“Fizzy Drink” is available on all streaming platforms this Friday, May 2nd. To keep up to date on the next release or show by Sweet Touch, make sure to follow them on social media by clicking here.


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