Premiere: The Cheap Royals Glide On Debut Single “Sing It Back”

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Richmond’s newest group is The Cheap Royals, an eclectic trio with percipient songwriting & resolute melodies offered up in front of an expansive electronica backdrop. Today, they release their debut single as a group, the rhythmically punchy and thematically assertive single “Sing It Back.”

“For me, Sing It Back is about challenging someone to prove it’s safe to trust them,” says Whitney Caroline, whose voice opens up the compelling track. “It was written after a season of waiting for things that weren’t playing out the way I pictured.”

Some will recognize Caroline from her work in The Tide Rose alongside singer-songwriter Keilan Creech, but she’s also worked hard behind-the-scenes in town with other ventures such as The Marketing Mixtape. Joining her in this new group are Kameron Barton, a talented musician with a church background deeply proficient in a variety of styles from folk to R&B, and Corey Pavlosky, a meticulous producer whose worked with artists ranging from Soldiers And Sons to Jonny Cardigan.

The genesis of this tune dates back to the group’s beginnings earlier in the year. “Corey and I wrote most of this song around the time we met and didn’t finish it until a few months ago with Kam,” Caroline states. “Our [songwriting] process is pretty collaborative — sometimes we’ll take a vote for certain lyrics or melodies since there are three of us now.”

Their debut song is a striking introduction into their musical world. The trio glides through the verses, where the percussive melody provides glancing blows allowing the lyrics and vocals to provide the real punch. As the chorus fills in the space of the sonically bare song, the trio unveils their indelible message through a glissading vocal line and powerful words. “Sing it back to me / Prove you’re listening / Cause I believed every word you said”

Get your first listen of “Sing It Back” below and follow The Cheap Royals on Facebook for announcements on more music and live performances.


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