Premiere: The Hurricane Party Surges With Vibrant Sound In “Canción de la Vida”

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Synesthesia has long been a romanticized trait in popular music, adding an extra layer of definition to the melodies of Jimi Hendrix and the beats of Pharrell Williams. Beyond this, there’s a lesser-known, more ill-defined trait that allows musicians to use music not just to blend colors and shades, but to create moving images where the interplay of instruments paints the scenery and figures of a landscape portrait. This can be the hazy wall of sound that submerges everything throughout “Wave Of Mutilation” by the Pixies or the emotional calamity found in the climax of Phoebe Bridgers’ “I Know The End.” This connection between sound and imagery has been a clever trick of music composition across all genres, dating back to operas and symphonies using specific percussive techniques to emulate the sounds of nature, all the way to Johnny Cash replicating the shuffle of a slow-moving train in his songs. Fast-forward seven decades, and that same imagery continues to drive some of the best songs, albeit with completely different tonal colors and rhythmic textures.

Blending the powerful gusts of nature with the immense force of a locomotive in their own chromatic range, local soul-funk ensemble The Hurricane Party delivers their latest single, “Canción de la Vida.” This dynamic composition, fueled by a steam-powered groove, expertly evokes the sensation of a high-speed train hurtling through diverse landscapes, from serene coastal panoramas to rugged canyon vistas. It’s an immersive sonic journey that captivates the listener with its technical prowess and artistic vision, offering both refreshment and exhilaration through its accelerations and pulsations. Out everywhere on Friday, June 7th, The Auricular is thrilled to offer an exclusive stream of this new riveting song a few days early, along with further analysis of its pristine musical rendering.


Picture a seamless, undulating bassline reminiscent of the rhythmic chug of a train, each note weaving in hypnotic waves. It forms the foundation, setting a relaxed yet dynamic pace that beckons your body to sway. Overlaid is the rhythm guitar, strumming syncopated patterns that ripple through the air like the rhythmic clatter of train wheels on tracks. Its crisp chords subtly push and pull, enhancing the groove’s rhythmic depth.

Now, imagine the entrance of horns and keys bursting with vibrant energy, cutting through the mix like a locomotive whistle piercing the air. The horns deliver tight, punchy phrases mirroring the rhythmic clatter of a train crossing a bridge, while the keys ring bright, signaling the steady light guiding its path through light and dark. Then, the drums enter–a steady, insistent presence propelling the groove forward with fluid beats and lively pulses. Cymbal crashes mimic the clang of metal, while snare rolls provide the drive that keeps everything on track.

Add vocals–a layer of musical richness illuminating each aspect, showcasing their seamless harmony towards a shared goal–and you have a guide to auditory elevation, where every note becomes a beacon of emotion and every melody a path to exhilaration and euphoria. Together, these elements craft a groove that’s both soothing and invigorating, akin to a scenic train journey through rolling hills and bustling cities. The music moves with a laid-back, wavy rhythm, while brassy accents punctuate with bursts of energy and excitement. It’s the kind of groove that invites you to close your eyes, surrender to the music, and let it carry you away on rhythmic rails, reveling in its melodic brilliance.

“Canción de la Vida” is the first new music from The Hurricane Party since the release of their invigorating 2023 record Cat. 2 which added swing, blues, and lounge elements into their bountiful soul-funk mix. While the album was primarily written by vocalist Rocky Pleasants, “Canción de la Vida” was written by bassist and percussionist Noah Boyle, another revelation that the band’s talent extends far past just clever dexterity. In this track, Pleasants provides backing vocals to Jenny “Buttafly” Vazquez Santamaria’s thrilling lead, accompanied by band members Kelli Strawbridge on keyboards, Frank Jackson on guitar, Boyle on bass and percussion, and Jared Bookbinder who adds moral support to the lively proceedings. Esteemed guests Luis Ferreira and Bob Miller round out the ensemble on drums and trumpet respectively, cementing the vibrant collective spirit of the song that has long embodied the essence of The Hurricane Party.

In a live setting, this composition is poised to expand in both scope and resonance, showcasing the seasoned talent behind its soulful harmony. But until you have the opportunity to experience the band’s electrifying performance in person, there are thankfully more evocative pieces from the group awaiting your ears on your streaming platform of choice. However, you may have to embark on two or three more round-trips aboard the silvery train conjured by the band in “Canción de la Vida” before encountering them. A song of life for a journey of spirit it seems.

“Canción de la Vida” is set for release on all streaming platforms this Friday, June 7th. To keep up to date on future releases and concerts by The Hurricane Party, make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


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