Premiere: The J.O.B. Dulcetly Yearn In Live Video For “Lisa’s Song”

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Last November, power rock band The J.O.B. released Highway Of Shadows, a ten-song record built on timeless melodies and messages that shine through genuine skill and passion. It’s a tightly produced and wonderfully performed record from top to bottom, so impressive that we actually featured it a few weeks ago as one of the best records to come out of Richmond in 2018. Today, we at The Auricular are proud to premiere the latest video from this album, a live video of the heartfelt ballad “Lisa’s Song,” available to view below.

The video in question is taken from the album release concert The J.O.B. performed at The Firehouse Theatre in Richmond this past November. Shot and edited by Chris Ratterree and Jamie Rose, the video is presented in a clean and refined fashion that deftly captures the simple emotion and timeless impact of the song by highlighting the pleasing harmonies, cathartic guitar solos, and reserved talent on display in this wonderful track.

Gentle yet robust, “Lisa’s Song” relays the story of eternal loss and yearning that perpetually accompany a nomadic life. Here, it focuses on an itinerate musician and the personal sacrifices they make in order to support their craft, leaving behind not just love, but any semblance of home in pursuit of the illusive Muse. Alongside the yearning, the song is balanced quite well with a sense of realistic acceptance, which is felt through the length of the song as opposed to just the coda like other songs that offer a similar message.

The song opens up Highway Of Shadows and casts an imposing shadow on the rest of the record with a grand and infectious sound that soars in its vulnerable appeal. Lead singer Jim O’Ferrell’s vocals are pristine and beautifully layered with some delicate harmonies, allowing all the vocals to traverse a pleasing range throughout the song. In the background, the rhythm section provides a relaxed cadence that comes through like a daily affirmation while the guitars sprinkle in bright tones and sharp notes that allow the song to hone in on the acceptance aspect of the lyrics. All in all, it’s a polished take on a timeless message that simply dazzles in its execution.

Check out our exclusive premiere of the live video for “Lisa’s Song” below, and make sure to catch The J.O.B. live in concert around town, like tonight, January 18th, at Poe’s Pub in downtown Richmond.


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