Premiere: The Tide Rose Deliver Tender Descant “On The Road”

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Fans of dazzling harmonies and passionate folk music can start their weekend off right today as local duo The Tide Rose has a new single out today, the delicate and nimble song “On The Road,” which The Auricular is proud to premiere at the bottom of this article.

The Tide Rose first made floral waves in late 2015 with the release of their self-titled EP, a bountiful six-track release that helped musicians Kelian Creech and Whitney Caroline forge a name for themselves in town. Since then, the two have released a few singles, and also branched out with their own musical projects, whether it be Creech’s own solo work — the spectacular 2017 record Honey Waits — or Caroline’s electro-pop project The Cheap Royals who had their debut single premiered here back in September. (Caroline also has a solo project entitled burwell coming soon.)

The duo’s new song, “On The Road,” is a drifter’s ode born from the road, a familiar feeling for any band cutting their teeth on an arduous touring schedule. “We wrote this song at a time we were traveling a fair amount and not feeling too attached to the places where we lived at the time,” Caroline noted. “Somehow, being on the road felt more like home than those places did.”

With ballet grace and poetic devotion, the song floats along the duo’s impeccable musical chemistry. Delicate and nimble, it takes slender sonic ideas and stretches them with melodic passion and prudence to create something deeply resonant, and instantly memorable. Like their previous work, it contains a melody that will be stuck in your head for days on end, but with its elegant structure and charming core, it’s a hook you won’t mind singing and humming over and over and over again.

“On The Road” comes from a forthcoming EP entitled Lost Together that the duo recorded in Nashville a few years back, an EP that also contains previously released singles “Lost Together” and “Wanna Be Yours.” Caroline states that the duo plans to release the remaining tracks off that EP, and also mentions that their songs “are being licensed for TV/film so it’s possible you’ll hear one of them somewhere unexpectedly…”

As for plans for new music, Caroline stated that they’ve talked about writing again and would do so if the inspiration stikes, a process she remembers fondly from the band’s previous colloborations.

“Songwriting is such a mysterious part of music and I think we’re both evolving,” Caroline noted. “There will always be nostalgia for the songs we’ve written together and how they’ve helped inspire who we’re both becoming.”

With the repeated “gone forever” refrain in “On The Road,” one might expect this to be a swan song for the duo, a high note for the two to fly off as they veer off and chart their own individual courses. But it could also very well signify a new chapter for the two, one that will continue to examine their dazzling music chemistry with polished finesse and refined expertise. Only time will tell.

Until then, check out the premiere of “On The Road” below, and make sure to keep an eye and ear out for other Lost Together songs that will be released soon.


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