Premiere: TLVS Release Darkly Vivid Video For “A Bloodless Correction”

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Premiering exclusively today at The Auricular is a new video from Lynchburg experimental band TLVS highlighting their latest song “A Bloodless Correction,” released this past October on the compilation HSAL #44 – “History Lesson, Vol. 1.” Both the song and video were created in Richmond at The Ward with local videographer and photographer PJ Sykes capturing their fruitful recording session alongside producer Allen Bergendal.

“A Bloodless Correction,” a brooding song rife with abstract exploring, is a key track on the October compilation from Lynchburg label Harding Street Assembly Lab, a compilation that also features Lynchburg bands covering songs from artists that were active in the ’90s and ’00s as a way to pay homage to the city’s indie rock past.

The song’s title stems from an NPR feature earlier this year that focused on the resignation/removal of Robert Mugabe from the head of the Zimbabwe government. On the song’s sound, TLVS member Nathan McGlothlin elaborated on its three-pronged construct and atypical genesis.

“Sonically, the tune installs three different grooves during its course. The introduction, the “surf rock chorus,” & the quasi-anthemic build that populates the back half of the tune before the chorus closes the book on ‘Correction.’ When drafting this piece [in] January [of] 2018, we were entering a transitional phase in that we were writing as a trio. Additionally, we were reaching across our stations to assist each other in crafting parts rather than just working off of one person’s concept. This tune represents the first release from such efforts.”

The sweeping video is a visual representation of the song’s shifty nature, something PJ Sykes captured with a more visceral approach. “I’ve been playing around with idea of documentation mixed with artistic expression for awhile,” Sykes explained. “I really didn’t have a clear idea at the time, but since I know TLVS pretty well, everyone was comfortable with me setting up the camera. The band didn’t give me any direction nor did they have any expectation of what I might make with the footage. The video is simply my interpretation of the energy recorded in that moment in time.”

You can purchase this song, along with the rest of HSAL #44 – “History Lesson, Vol. 1,” at Harding Street’s Bandcamp page (link here), but in the meantime, enjoy the rousing video for “A Bloodless Correction” below.


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