Premiere: William Lovings Radiates Through Sparkling Tones On “Someone I’m Not”

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In the absence of doubt, what artistic wonders do you think might emerge? What masterpiece, what landmark recording lies dormant on a forgotten hard drive, concealed in a dusty closet, unheard due to the persistent whispers of a belittling inner voice? Amidst discussions of modern challenges faced by artists–the inequities of streaming payouts, the saturation of the market, escalating costs of production and touring– the most formidable obstacle often arises as the reflection gazing back from the mirror. It stands as the greatest hurdle to surmount, the most daunting adversary to conquer. Hesitation. Apprehension. Fear. Distrust. These seeds, innocuous at inception, like a fleeting intuition guiding a chord change, can burgeon into overwhelming forces, disrupting the creative process to the point that they end up stifling the potential for greatness.

Recently, this struggle has garnered increased attention and discourse within artistic circles. It finds expression in abstract compositions that confront these pitfalls head-on, and in candid conversations shedding light on the real trials of a musical career. Yet, as this dialogue expands, so too does our collective capacity to acknowledge and confront it, perhaps even together. The most harrowing aspect of this experience is the sense of isolation it often breeds–the feeling of being stuck in anguish while others surge ahead, seemingly unaffected by similar woes.

For William Lovings, a diligent singer-songwriter cutting his teeth within the local music scene, this scenario is all too familiar. In his latest single, “Someone I’m Not,” he dives into these emotions with remarkable clarity, pairing insightful observations with delicate and soothing melodies that offer solace and guidance. Though simple in structure, the song resonates profoundly, serving as a beacon of reassurance for artists navigating rough gigs or challenging recording sessions, reminding them that such struggles are integral to the journey toward making a meaningful impact in our crowded world. Set for release everywhere on Thursday, June 6th, The Auricular is thrilled to present an exclusive premiere of “Someone I’m Not” today, accompanied by a deeper exploration of its serene poise.


Against a backdrop of rich, sparkling guitar tones, William Lovings boldly confronts his insecurities head-on. “I wonder all the time if I’m enough, if there’s a light when I walk through the door,” he muses, his fingers delicately coaxing out his anxieties through the steel strings. As the sublime melody unfolds, Lovings excavates deeper-rooted oscillations that have plagued his mind for too long, effortlessly displacing productive and artistic thoughts. “How every time I leave the stage, I’d have such doubt, and how I feel I’m wasting every day”, he confesses, each note carrying the weight of his introspection. However, instead of succumbing to the weight of that burden as one might expect, Lovings ascends above it. With harmonic strength and unwavering poise, he transcends, channeling his passion into every note.

With its shimmering sound, the song plays out like a reflection at dusk, with the sunset dancing on the waves in front of a dire dock. Legs dangling from the pier, the song washes over with its luminance and strength, guiding through challenges while also inspiring along the way. ts melody, like a gentle breeze, whispers tales of resilience and hope, painting a vision of perseverance in the face of uncertainty. As each chord resonates, it ignites a spark of determination, urging the listener to navigate the tumultuous waters of doubt with renewed courage. While it delves into the challenges of an artistic existence, the song’s message effortlessly translates to any scenario or environment burdened by adversity, providing the essential impetus to overcome the restraints of anxiety.

“Someone I’m Not” comes two months after the release of Lovings’ latest EP, Falling Asleep In Your Gaze, which showcases his acoustic and rock talents through three distinct tracks. In November 2023, Loving dropped WHL IV, another three-song EP with a stronger rock influence, highlighting not only his vocal and lyrical prowess but also the instrumental richness of each song. “Someone I’m Not” reveals Loving at his core, blending rawness and refinement in a way that lets the harmony between his voice and guitar soar, propelled by their melodic purity and resonant charm. It’s a triumph for any singer-songwriter, but clearly not a stroke of luck. Lovings is poised to easily exceed this achievement soon, just as long as he keeps those nagging doubts in check. Our ears will be waiting for when he succeeds.

“Someone I’m Not” is set for release on all streaming platforms this Thursday, June 6th. You can catch William Lovings in concert next on Wednesday, June 12th at Red Amp Audio for the Richmond Writers Round, hosted by Ignited, alongside Sophie Colette, Tall Joshua, and Valerie Westerman Bess. For more information on that show, click here. To keep up to date on future releases and concerts from William Lovings, make sure to follow him on Instagram.


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