Rack SquareSoft Surveys Dejection In Video For “Troubled Bby”

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Confronting apathy, loss, and depression, the new video for “Troubled Bby” by local MC Rack SquareSoft is a short but sound examination of complicated emotions and perspectives within the confines of hip-hop.

Taken from the August 2018 record Paper Angels — one of five records released by the hip-hop artist last year — the song is a somber observation, tempered only by SquareSoft’s unique vocal delivery, leaning hard on the emo side of emo-rap. The video, shot by Xeneray Bambara, captures the young artist making sense of life in everyday situations, from a corner sidewalk to a beverage aisle of a nearby convenience store. In these shots, Rack SquareSoft performs with a restless demeanor, further cementing the complicated and fraught nature of this song’s lyrical message.

Check out the video for “Trouble Bby” below, and make sure to keep an eye on Rack SquareSoft’s twitter (@racksquaresoft) and Instagram (@racksquaresoft) for more updates.


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