Richmond Music Roundup: December 23 – December 31

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Left Overs by Aarnxbrwn (Link)
Released December 29

Compilation mixtape of cut tracks from 2018 that offers some unpolished, but still dazzling gems.

Key Track: “Feels Like Winter”







0239 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released December 27

A thirty minute aural journey towards bliss and serenity obtained through ambient creativity.

Key Track: “0239 Part 1”







Gray & Grayer by bigdummybeatz (Link)
Released December 26

Arcane and soothing beat tape containing labyrinth style instrumentals and glistening melodies.

Key Track: “Feeling Cold”







Morgan Drive // Renn Rd EP by Cadillac CAT (Link)
Released December 30

Bustling and feverish hip-hop that does as much to expand the party as it does to look inward.

Key Track: “Cannot Quit”







Season 2 by Castle Mac (Link)
Released December 31

Orchestral instrumentals that feel succinct for an unimagined media from acclaimed film down to beloved video game.

Key Track: “The Ghosts Of Goldenleaf”







Words With A Leash by Colder Planets (Link)
Released December 25

A madcap of somber and nomadic math rock that surreptitiously settles in the space between emo & indie.

Key Track: “Red Stairs”







Two Songs by Comfort (Link)
Released December 28

Shoegazy diffusion through two tracks, captured in a live performance full of haze and distress.

Key Track: “Reunion”







Odd October by Conscious Beatz (Link)
Released December 29

Densely packed beat tape containing 41 vibrant, diverse, plush, and compelling hip-hop instrumentals.

Key Track: “Southside”







First Songs by Continuation (Link)
Released December 25

Rock music that hovers above the ground with an ether fog of chiming guitars, pyschedlica tone, and dusky vocals.

Key Track: “Hemmed In”







Audio – 12 – 27 – 2018 – 10 – 16 – 11 (Antebodies) by David david (Link)
Released December 27

Three track avant-garde trip through field recordings, unshackled improvisation, and fractured creativity.

Key Track: “Take 2”







Hype/Homie by David david (Link)
Released December 22

Sludgy and clammy hip-hop instrumentals from an undefined mixture of sampling and carousing.

Key Track: “Hype”







IndieGiver by DJ Harrison (Link)
Released December 25

Swirling and boundless funk-rock instrumentals from one of Richmond’s most illustrious & phenomenal musicians.

Key Track: “Toro”







For The Brides by False Eye (Link)
Released December 26

20 song release that fearlessly darts between noise, garage, indie, and hard rock with impulsive gumption and gruff structures.

Key Track: “Small White”







Snake Snacks by Hundred Grand (Link)
Released December 31

Cursive and rattling hip-hop release with metered beats, modulating melodies, and defiant words.

Key Track: “Just Because It Sounds Good”







Ultrasound Circuit Breaker by M4DF4C3 (Link)
Released December 27

Noise experimentations that fly between visceral and chaotic deconstructions.

Key Track: “Chronic Acoustic Anti-Phase”







Hairdown EP by Museum District (Link)
Released December 29

Deep House and Nu Disco songs with a churning dancehall sound that germinate and permeate in your ears.

Key Track: “Easy Acapella”







Nervous Nothings by Nervous Nothings (Link)
Released December 31

Indie rock with an unmistakable slowcore edge, all supported by a shrewd folk foundation and delusive emo passion.

Key Track: “Everybody’s Dumb”







Eh. by Q U A N + $ E N S E ! (Link)
Released December 24

Concaved hip-hop instrumentals with throbbing rhythms and sparse melodies.

Key Track: “A Soft Demon In Disguised”







SoundCloud Can Suck It by Rack SquareSoft (Link)
Released December 25

A diverse and fiery compilation of Rack’s 2018 albums from May to December.

Key Track: “Sailor Saturn”







Tension IV by Rack SquareSoft (Link)
Released December 29

The most realized, polished, and ambitious release of the intoning, prolific hip-hop musician’s busy year.

Key Track: “Tension”







What Can Be Done? by Sam Scott (Link)
Released December 23

Funky electro-pop instrumentals with a pulsating rhythms and slinky, shiny melodies.

Key Track: “Light”







Loss Of Religion by Shank Jay (Link)
Released December 25

A dynamic orator verbalizing his own identity through impressive patterns and striking cadences. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Struggl3”







Winter One by Snow (Link)
Released December 30

Blazing hip-hop that scorches its wintery theme with enterprising vocals & memorable beats.

Key Track: “Inferno Snow”







Does Donny Dream Of Electric Piss? by Suffering Dump (Link)
Released December 24

Rabid hardcore thrash analyzing the turbulent moments and figures of recent years through bleary scorn.

Key Track: “Tiny Grabby Hands”







onetwoburgundy by SVM (Link)
Released December 23

Anagogic instrumentals that explore the darker and secretive side of the expansive vaporwave aesthetic.

Key Track: “lesssubs”







Old Garage Session by The Flow Vendors (Link)
Released December 28

Jazzy and twisty songs with a jam band spirit realized in DIY, bedroom avatar.

Key Track: “Down At The River”







Christmas Ain’t All It’s Quacked Up To Be by The Weak Days (Link)
Released December 25

Two song holiday release with proceeds benefiting the True Colors Fund, ending homelessness for LGBTQ youth.

Key Track: “Blue Christmas”







The Bad News by Vertigon (Link)
Released December 25

Grounded hip-hop with a quotidian tone unleashing spiked words and insidious rhymes.

Key Track: “Serrated”







Visions by VonnBoyd (Link)
Released December 24

Sprawling electronica instrumentals that inspire and invigorate through their sonic wandering.

Key Track: “Cascade”







Undaman Archives Volume 1 by Willie Survive (Link)
Released December 27

Collection of underground hip-hop songs dating from 2002 up to 2011, with some luscious instrumentation and punchy rhymes.

Key Track: “The Grey Haired Wizard”









“As The Synths Dance” by Auto RVA (Link)
Released December 31

Synth-lead funk improvisation with a direct and pithy genesis.







“As The World Turns” by 804 Rell (Link)
Released December 26

A sustained melody supports this revolving and sinuous rap track.







“Back Then” by JB Lamond (Link)
Released December 20

A sublime rap track highlighted by its timeless beat and splashy tone.







“Bad Habits [2]” by Richie Dtn (Link)
Released December 22
A crestfallen tone pushes this dragging flow through the stylish hip-hop instrumental.







“Beauty & Fashion Review” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released December 15

A glitzy instrumental fit for a more polished and suave performer to enhance.







“Big Man” by JB Lamond (Link)
Released December 22

Swervy hip-hop with the luscious beat and engaging vocals vying for control.







“Big Shh (feat. LMMWoo & Preso)” by Bam Relli (Link)
Released December 24

Pointed yowls overrun this rap single with a shaking, reverberating beat.







“Bout Time” by Rotation (Link)
Released December 25

An oscillating rhyme sways in the blowback of this rap track’s pushing beat.







“Brand New” by KAMAKAZi¡i KEi & $LiiM Ace (Link)
Released December 24

A dashing rap track full of pointed accusations and bouncing rhymes. (Read our full review here.)







“Buy Byes (Live At Auxiliary)” by rat-ward (Link)
Released December 24

Noise improvisation meets deep house compulsion in this live track from May of 2015.







“Cold Hearted” by 804 Rell (Link)
Released December 26

Biting rhymes and words overtop a melodically bellowing sample and punchy rhythm.







“Count Up” by Og Cam (Link)
Released December 28

Motivational hip-hop with an empowering mantra and crafty instrumental.







“Damon Waynes” by Mista Kelly X Kay Prince (Link)
Released December 22

The In Loving Color icon inspires this raucous and stimulating hip-hop banger.







“E40 Bay Area Type Beat” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released December 24

A classic club feel surrounds this bumping hip-hop instrumental.







“E40 Type Beat” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released December 25

An instrumental tailor-made for the mid-2000s nostalgic movement.







“EE (feat. Blondebeats & Auto RVA)” by Young Kyle (Link)
Released December 31

A chiming melody drips in the background of this straight-forward rap track.







“Effected (feat. DoubleR)” by SakChasa (Link)
Released December 31

A discerning approach to phrasing and rhyming helps this rap track stomp through the thundering instrumental.







“EPMD Freestyle” by JB Lamond (Link)
Released December 22

Fundamental yet flaring freestyle showing the young MC’s raw power outside of a beat.







“Floating” by James, The Younger (Link)
Released December 21

A creative and unique instrumental glides hand in hand with the direct and stirring flow.







“Fr Fr SNiP” by 808Frank (Link)
Released December 31

Poise and presence overcrowd the placid, soulful instrumental on this striking hip-hop single.







“Gangland” by Kane Grocerys X Black Kray (Link)
Released December 20

Gangland spirals out of control on this “fast” track that swerves in and out of the rhythm.







“Gangsta Rap Freestyle Type Beat” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released December 20

An 8-bit melody buzzes out in front of the cavorting beat on this hip-hop instrumental.







“Got It All 4 Tha Low” by Young Kodeine (Link)
Released December 29

An imminent instrumental point to something lofty inside this representative track.







“Happy Rap Beat Instrumental” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released December 19

Chiptune-tinged instrumental that points to the lighter, cheerier side of hip-hop.







“Hit It” by Big Tyla (Link)
Released December 20

A richly sustained aura swirls around this echoing hip-hop instrumental.







“Holocaust” by Ca$e Clo$ed (Link)
Released December 26

A relentless and explosive flow fills the space provided by the lofty hip-hop instrumental.







“I Can’t Stay” by JB Lamond (Link)
Released December 22

“I done had it with the struggle \ n***** sick and tired of the gutter” highlights the galvanizing message of this track.







“iontakethisrapshitserious” by Dirty Money Kee (Link)
Released December 30

Idiosyncratic raps interweave this guileless instrumental that flies between the deep bass and tinny tenor.







“Juicy” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released December 30

A sparse tone roots this noise rocker in sonic terror and aural horror.







“Kyla Pratt (feat. Quany Sheen)” by El Khan (Link)
Released December 31

A twinkly, almost whistling melody highlights this rap track tribute to the Proud Family star.







“Laced Up” by 804Beats (Link)
Released December 22

Digitally frizzy harmonies broaden the reach of this sharpened rap track.







“Lightly” by Nick Scott (Link)
Released December 27

A twinkly gambol through cheeky electronica and thumping hip-hop.







“Live On Live Long Freestyle” by JB Lamond (Link)
Released December 20

A sleek instrumental provides the appropriate blank canvass for this lofty freestyle.







“Location” by FastLane804 (Link)
Released December 27

A sped-up reimagination of Playboi Carti’s 2017 atmospheric single.







“Lost & Found” by xyeahmanx (Link)
Released December 31

A deeply soulful rap track with a pensive tone and impacting rhythm.







“Luxury+ – Rose Gold” by FastLane804 (Link)
Released December 28

A curious and terse hip-hop track with a sparse beat and wry vocals.







“Need Something” by ViciousTBN (Link)
Released December 30

A familiar denunciatory tone pervades this gnawing hip-hop takedown.







“Neg” by David david (Link)
Released December 25

Short sound collage instrumental fueled by a stuttering rhythmic engine.







“Never” by Ca$e Clo$ed (Link)
Released December 23

A brassy hustle scores the backdrop of this ferociously flowing rap track.







“No Rain” by 804 Rell (Link)
Released December 26

Brutally direct words that are lucidly mixed in with the moving industrial soundscape.







“Old Timerz” by 804 Rell (Link)
Released December 26

A relaxed hip-hop track with rhymes that lean on the bobbing rhythm to create a relaxing, yet eye-opening listen.







“One Set” by Mr. HitWonders (Link)
Released December 28

A roaming piano and synth melody make this a hip-hop instrumental worth expanding on.







“OverThoughts” by Wellz (Link)
Released December 29

A loose, homey feel gives this breezy rap track the ammunition needed to be memorable and touching.







“Penthouse” by Mr. HitWonders (Link)
Released December 30

An elastic hip-hop instrumental fit for the party circuit or solitary examination.







“Power Rangers In Space” by Unknown Artist (Link)
Released December 29

A hard rock cover of the most absurd, and maybe best version of the iconic ’90s show.







“Practicing Patience” by LidWasLit (Link)
Released December 26

Touching and somber hip-hop confessionals over a wistful piano melody.







“Reel Life” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 23

Grimey hip-hop that intercuts the rousing beat with distorted confrontation.







“Saint Francis Satyr” by Petrichor (Link)
Released December 27

Mystifying and sensational vocals highlights this soaring and pummeling track. ()







“Shhh” by Steph Jones (Link)
Released December 28

Nothing quiet about this rancorous and striking hip-hop declaration.







“Shifting Sands” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released December 31

An interesting guitar tone breaks through the distortion on this recondite instrumental.







“SoundCloud Freestyle Instrumental” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released December 24

A blueprint track with bombing beats and evasive melodies just awaiting the next fiery MC.







“Starry Nite” by NDEFRU (Link)
Released December 20

An emotional tinge highlights this seasonal hip-hop exposition.







“Stay Alive” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released December 30

Noise rock and samples clash for control in this musical frenzy.







“Take A Drip” by 804Beats (Link)
Released December 22

“Imma turn it up / I ain’t ever going down” illustrates the ethos of this driving, pounding hip-hop single.







“Therapy Support” by Bam Relli (Link)
Released December 24

A shaky pendulum of hip-hop vigor and rhythmic treading.







“Three Wishes (feat. Loudy, Chambo)” by James, The Younger (Link)
Released December 28

Reflective and thoughtful rap that still manages to compel your body to move to its beat.







“Thug Love” by ViciousTBN (Link)
Released December 31

A yearning hip-hop affair deconstructed through both perspectives.







“TOMBRADY (feat. JOJO)” by 4notna (Link)
Released December 29

A smooth, fuzzy flow highlights this teeming rap single inspired by New England’s own California Cool.







“Twitch” by Rotation (Link)
Released December 25

An ear-catching flow bounces off the deep bounce of this reverberating rap track.







“Vu Bist Du Geveyn var Prohbishn” by My Son The Doctor (Link)
Released December 29

Klezmer dance tune recorded live in May of 2017 at a Richmond congregation.







“What You Want For Christmas” by Lil’ Rose (Link)
Released December 24

A striking instrumental overwhelms this holiday-inspired rap treasure.







“Where You Been” by JB Lamond (Link)
Released December 22

Born for music sneaks out of this snappy song as the mantra for this talented young rapper.







“‘Win’ Cartel Mix” by Co Cartel (Link)
Released December 25

Pacing remix of Jay Rock’s 2018 Redemption single.







“Year-End Liquidation” by Smyth Knight (Link)
Released December 31

A 2018 close-out of this young MC’s talent and creativity.







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