Richmond Music Roundup: February 16 – February 22

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for February 16th through February 22nd.




Bradventure: The Sequel by Bradford Thomas (Link)
Released February 20th

You can’t go wrong with any of the 19 (!!) dazzling samples and loops on this vibrant beat tape, yet another notch in a prolific catalog from a genius producer.

Key Track: “Wit’s End”







Cohesion by infms (Link)
Released February 13th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Esoteric hip-hop combining grimy vocals and underground ethos with ambient soul and experimental vision.

Key Track: “Hooked”







Dramatic Readings by Lukas (Link)
Released February 16th

Rolling rhymes unfurl over punchy beats on this grainy three-song collection of rap ruminations.

Key Track: “Laps”







Greed Machine by Inveterate Extinction (Link)
Released February 19th

Ravenous palpitations incite the metalcore onslaught on this ruthless EP with a loose apocalyptic aesthetic.

Key Track: “Nuclear Cremation”







Half Persian (VA/SEA) by djradtipptoppp (Link)
Released February 22nd

Ambitious mixing spread across 110 divergent minutes of jarring loops and rousing samples.







Kind Of Light by Philip James Murphy Jr (Link)
Released February 16th

A glorious ambient approach to instrumental guitar compositions, tackling the passing nature of light and radiance.

Key Track: “Sunlight Stream (Late Afternoon, Horizontal)”







Purple Album by Silhouettes Vs. The Sun (Link)
Released February 18th

Piano-driven art rock displaying a timeless charm through bright melodies, swinging grooves, and astonishing talent. A sonic wonderland for producers and a welcome harmonic treat for music lovers.

Key Track: “Washed Away”







Slow Violence by No Other Way (Link)

Released February 18th

Ferocious hardcore punk from an iron-willed group brandishing blaring breakdowns peppered with acerbic lyrics and tenacious vocals.

Key Track: “Unfamiliar Ceiling”







Spring Demos by Strawberry Moon (Link)
Released February 22nd

Peppery garage rock demo featuring an affinity for lo-fi aesthetics, bedroom pop musings, and punk vitality.

Key Track: “Grocery Shopping”







The Best Of Tre-Ski Freestyles by Tre-Ski The Unknown Specimen (Link)
Released February 21st

A variegated collection of fiery freestyles over memorable samples and vibrant instrumentals.

Key Track: “Get By Freestyle”







The Messiah by Rocstagis (Link)
Released February 16th

A winning combination of crafty, punchy production and graceful, imposing vocal presence makes this rap EP a rousing triumph.

Key Track: “Boss Moves”







The Secret Mirror by Poison Joy (Link)
Released February 22nd

Two song EP featuring a curt lo-fi blues rock ride and an abstract ambient amalgam.

Key Track: “The Secret Mirror”







Valentine’s Day Mixtape by Tay $moke (Link)
Released February 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Sublime three-song collection of loving hip-hop pledges full of dazzling talent and endearing creativity.

Key Track: “Love Again”







8 Minutes In Hell by Lukas (Link)
Released February 10th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Soulful and musing instrumentals clear the way for a vehement MC to rhyme, flow, and bump on this three-song EP.

Key Track: “Business”









“A Smile In The Face Of Danger Part 1” by Lukas (Link)
Released February 21st

A clipping instrumental in the vein of John Barry provides the foundation for a deliberative and reflective MC on this sober rap track.







“Acid Kraze” by Joe Norkus (Link)
Released February 20th

Sharp electronic notes bounce off a cavernous groove in this thrilling house bustle.







“Ain’t Goin Back” by The Saxobones (Link)
Released February 20th

Idiosyncratic combination of bluegrass and trap offering a roaming philosophy carried over a rolling, train-style rhythm.







“AllaDat” by LDP Pari$ x Yourmomsfavplug (Link)
Released February 22nd

Hushed hostile vocals stalk this dusky hip-hop tip-toe.







“Alone In Tokyo” by Lexi Dash (Link)
Released February 18th

Vaporous trap coop housing remote talent brimming in its airy solitude.







“Amerikaz Nightmare” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 18th

Flashing lights are distilled into bombastic notes on this glitzy, rabid hip-hop instrumental.







“Aviana” by Matt Rooks (Link)
Released February 19th

Conversant lead guitar fills adorn this swampy rock incantation.







“Baby Cum Back” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Swirling airy melodies are spliced together out of assorted sources, including Player’s 1977 timeless plea, on this gusty hip-hop beat.







“Ball For Me” by 804E (Link)
Released February 16th

Jittery susurrations color the shadowy soundscape on this beguiling hip-hop vignette.







“Big Facts” by MME Biig E (Link)
Released February 16th

Fluid vocals direct a dire string melody on this bullish rap assertion.







“BK 2 VA” by Tre-Ski The Unknown Specimen (Link)
Released February 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A badgering beat paced by a grave piano chord sets the stage for this hermeneutic hip-hop origin story.







“Blast It” by Yung Zlime (Link)
Released February 17th

Trudging hip-hop display featuring a grazing piano line and fanatical flow.







“Blueberry Breakups” by OSMOSIS (Link)
Released February 18th

Can you turn a nonsensical hook into something brilliant? This lush synthpop song boldly proclaims yes.







“Body Mix” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 10th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Smooth R&B cruise over a balmy groove with crooning vocal overtures.







“Bottlez Wurk” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 15th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Relaxed, droning notes fill the low and high end of this glancing rap instrumental.







“Broken Bottles Freestyle” by Kingtopher (Link)
Released February 18th

Direct and potent freestyle set to the clanging Alchemist beat of B.E.N.N.Y. The Butcher’s 2018 single.







“Cadence” by QUAN $ENSE! (Link)
Released February 18th

Coasting hip-hop instrumental judiciously spliced and decorated with all the stumbles and pauses of a leisure trip to a neighborhood skate rink.







“CraniumFlowz” by AMQCATARACTS (Link)
Released February 17th

Dashing beats and drifting tones contrast the wailing undercurrent of this coursing hip-hop stream.







“Crashed Da Audi” by Curt2x x LilD x 3cheezo x $ki (Link)
Released February 22nd

A tetrad of rabid MCs swarm around a furtive instrumental on this teeming beat.







“Cut Da Check” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 20th

Debra Laws’ 1981 hit single serves as the glossy foundation for this careening hip-hop beat.







“Dior” by Jimmy $wank (Link)
Released February 20th

Trenchant freestyle from a zealous MC over a modulating and recoiling beat.







“DKBY” by KAOS (Link)
Released February 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Dogged uncertainty guides this staunch hip-hop guard.







“Done” by F1NG3RS (Link)
Released February 21st

Retro futurism and boundless talent guide this sprawling & gripping electronic marvel.







“Drone [A] Short” by Joe Norkus (Link)
Released February 17th

Prolonged repetition opens up into fluttering sonic flourishes on this droning melodic coil.







“Eclipse” by addy (Link)
Released February 20th

Replenishing notes form a flourishing melody on this demurely ornate rock villanelle.







“F*ck Yo New N*gga (feat.Baddboi)” by Capalot (Link)
Released February 17th

Murmuring bars meet a piercing flow on this bumpy rap scorn.







“Female Gotti” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A forlorn reinterpretation of Eric Carmen’s signature song informs this melodically despondent rap instrumental.







“First Class” by Cloud Life (Link)
Released February 20th

Adamant rhymes flow freely on this hammering hip-hop showcase.







“Friends” by Shy Lennox (Link)
Released February 22nd

Misty melodies & wistful lyrics give this soulful daydream a memorable pull.







“Fucked Up” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released February 16th

Booming hi-hop ambience tempered by a sparkling electronic melody.







“Getting Dropped ” by Yuck x shhlogan (Link)
Released February 18th

Crackling percussion gives urgency to the bustle of this moving hip-hop assertion.







“Go Stupid (Remix) (feat. MoneyHungryVonn)” by JL Duwop (Link)
Released February 20th

Rabid rhyming direct and embolden the pulsing tones on this veering rap roar.







“Halle Berry” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 13th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A smooth, snapping soul sample matches with darting samples from a legendary actress on this relaxing hip-hop beat.







“Heeby Jeebeez” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 20th

Lauryn Hill’s classic verse on the classic track “Ready Or Not” is chopped up and re-purposed into a gliding, glossy instrumental.







“HonesTea” by Kingtopher (Link)
Released February 18th

Tactful talent pops out of this sample snippet of a rousing rap release.







“How Much You Mean To Me” by Matt Rooks (Link)
Released February 19th

Acoustic yearning emoted through prickly strumming and palliative vocals.







“I Feel Like” by Demond47 (Link)
Released February 22nd

A spurtive beat guides the canted perception on this offbeat hip-hop groove.







“I Must Be Going Hard” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released February 22nd

Glancing rhythmic flashes pop off in the background of this grumbling rap gripe.







“I Need You” by Lydell Williams (Link)
Released February 17th

Yearning dependence is lionized on this gleaming R&B track coursing over a vibrant, hesitant groove.







“I’m Stuck” by 804.ree (Link)
Released February 20th

Twirling piano loops provide plenty of room for modeling and molding bars on this pacing hip-hop track.







“Inside Of My Dreams” by Matt Rooks (Link)
Released February 19th

Buoyant guitar strums give a muted rhythm to this idiosyncratic acoustic frolic.







“ISWIS” by Nu-Ski (Link)
Released February 13th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Commanding rhyming prowess overruns a stirring, jittery beat on this robust hip-hop broadcast.







“J G Wentworth Commercial (Trap Remix)” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 17th

Ambitious hip-hop experiment that somehow twists and welds a classic commercial ditty into an intriguing beat.







“Jeffrey Osborne” by Nolia & Luh Kiddo (Link)
Released February 18th

Lumbering beats match up with a pomaded rhyming scheme on this wobbly rap pitch.







“Kamui” by Prophesir Wakenbaker (Link)
Released February 19th

Raspy piano roving reveals the nomadic and fretful nature of this hip-hop study.







“Ken’s Dying” by ⚡️Skirbee⚡️@skexrh (Link)
Released February 18th

Faint hip-hop murmurs move from haunting ambience to optimistic yearning on this knotty hip-hop exercise.







“Key To The Highway” by Jared Carey (Link)
Released February 20th

Pulsing, adroit cover of a timeless, trucking blues standard.







“Let’s Get Blown (feat. Elle Symone)” by Lowe Maceo (Link)
Released February 21st

Sauntering hip-hop clout proudly guide this smooth hip-hop cruise.







“Long May You Run” by BFT (Link)
Released February 20th

Undulating reverb cover of Neil Young and Stephen Stills’ 1976 classic tribute.







“My How And My Why” by Dameetis Brown (Link)
Released February 21st

Restive and resolute rhyming roll over a soulful loop on this rugged hip-hop confirmation.







“Never Fold” by Baddboi (Link)
Released February 9th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Unflinching fortitude parades around a clacking beat on this hip-hop pitch.







“Never Trust A Soul Again” by Skinnyy Hendrixx (Link)
Released February 22nd

Stirring hip-hop track featuring staggering bars and dreamy vocals proving a familiar, lingering skepticism.







“No Boundaries” by Lukas (Link)
Released February 15th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Delicate piano pacing gives a hopeful polish to this somber rap rumination.







“No Mo Dope Game” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 12th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Glossy Pink Sweat$ vocals meet gruff Tupac bellows on this chill, shifty mix.







“Ocean Dome” by Joe Norkus (Link)
Released February 18th

Promenade of dancing synth notes highlight this shifty electronic shuffle.







“OutterBankss.” by Korporal K (Link)
Released February 16th

Relaxing hip-hop loop featuring a palpitating groove, droning resonance, and a framing sample of currency tone from the Mushroom Kingdom.







“RB-34” by Joe Norkus (Link)
Released February 17th

Melodic clarity ebbs and flows through this pulsating synth stride.







“REM Sleep” by KAOS (Link)
Released February 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Bereft memories rush to the forefront of this cursive hip-hop observation on the cusp of abyssal slumber.







“Richmond” by Trevy Trev (Link)
Released February 11th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Sauntering rhyming footwork frames and punctuates this fluttering hip-hop jab.







“Sailor Moon” by Lowe Maceo (Link)
Released February 21st

Awry notes are stretched over a snapping beat in this spry hip-hop entreaty.







“Same Ol’ Peezus” by YPGBS (Link)
Released February 20th

Classic boom bap with a modern underground polish featuring a dazzling and intriguing MC.







“Shake Sumpthin” by KAOS (Link)
Released February 22nd

Tempting rhymes vault off a rollicking beat in this gallivanting hip-hop gamble.







“Sicko Shyt” by Linus x Black Kray (Link)
Released February 16th

Swirling cacophony becomes a semblance of melody on this cracking rap vortex.







“Smile” by $cotty$lump (Link)
Released February 16th

Gripping hip-hop rumination featuring bright synth notes bouncing off a smooth and direct vocal flow.







“Smoke” by Demond47 (Link)
Released February 22nd

Stormy hip-hop admission over thundering beats that discharge in the reclining ambient turbulence.







“Stick Up (feat. Ant$y)” by 1Kceo804 (Link)
Released February 16th

Dreamy vocals switch between crooning and orating on this gliding hip-hop reverie.







“Sucka Ducka (Sucka Free Mix)” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 19th

A slight jazz touch gives life to this peculiar, brisk rap beat.







“Swayze” by $pace Davy Jones (Link)
Released February 8th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Spectral rhyming drifts over a gentle piano-driven beat on this revolving hip-hop epode.







“Talk My Shit (Top3)” by Rocstagis (Link)
Released February 19th

An unyielding claim to the local throne is staked on this imposing declaration from a poised MC.







“Tar Pit” by Joe Norkus (Link)
Released February 22nd

Effervescent beats billow through this glinting electronic surge.







“Tates Freestyle” by 804 Scar (Link)
Released February 22nd

Echoing bluster unfolds hikes through a knobby beat on this curt freestyle.







“Temptation” by OSMOSIS (Link)
Released February 18th

Colorful electropop track built on modulating crooning that reaches into the vocal ether and abyss for a dazzling sound.







“The 86 V 2” by DranoO11 (Link)
Released February 18th

A stripped down, spliced up loop of Pete Rodriguez’s timeless 1967 swing provides ample ground for a swinging and assertive MC on this strong hip-hop edict.







“There Is A Forest” by Matt Rooks (Link)
Released February 19th

Woodborn guitar notes pay tribute to their arboreous origin in this swaying jounce.







“Trap Gone Luv It” by Richie Dtn (Link)
Released February 16th

Brusque vocals roam a stomping beat on this grimy hip-hop track.







“TRST” by R.E.K Team Productions (Link)
Released February 17th

A slender melody brightens the solemn soundscape on this enthralling ambient hip-hop beat.







“Twerk Angel” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A loose guitar cover of The Cranberries’ political anthem sprawls in the background of this fetching hip-hop instrumental.







“U Git It How U Live” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Imposing vocal splicing gives this swinging instrumental a heavy rap magnetism.







“Unconscious (feat. Ellis & Ninetyseven)” by Kid Verde (Link)
Released February 21st

Twinkling synth notes color the pounding rhythm of this smooth & riveting hip-hop croon.







“Valentine Thick” by Rich City Trap Muzik (Link)
Released February 13th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A grainy sample colors a throbbing beat on this dreamy rap loop.







“Wack (feat. GAWD + Melathono)” by VF Shaolin (Link)
Released February 21st

Tempered beats make up a slender melody on this direct and blunt hip-hop observation.







“Waste No Time (feat. A9)” by LilD (Link)
Released February 20th

Wispy murmurs twirl around throbbing beats on this intoning hip-hop repudiation.







“Watchmen” by The Northerners (Link)
Released February 22nd

Exhilarating vocals and thrilling guitar lines highlight this jolting roots query.







“What Is You Telling Me” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released February 22nd

The iconic yell used by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock (and Lyn Collins before them) is stretched over a murky beat in this shadowy hip-hop endeavor.







“What U Want” by Joe Norkus (Link)
Released February 16th

Enveloping synth-rock track combining New Wave pacing & progressions with the tenor of a vintage arcade cabinet.







“#​(​$​%​&​@​*​&​)​!” by Avery Fogarty (Link)
Released February 16th

Haunting indie folk instrumental capturing the sullen atmosphere of isolated composing.







“1888 (feat. Jflexedup)” by Lil Steezzy (Link)
Released February 16th

Drilling hip-hop march fit for any melodic bootcamp, led by a compelling and forceful MC.







“8 Floors Up (feat. Dandy)” by 32Degrees (Link)
Released February 22nd

Towering ambience informs the rippling vocals over this lurching rap ascent.







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