Richmond Music Roundup: February 3 – February 9

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Advanced Memory Suite by FM Skyline (Link)
Released February 8th

Idyllic vaporwave that fits all the prerequisites while conceptually striving for something artistically, and existentially, more.

Key Track: “Dream Tape” (Read our full review here.)







Alienated by Topaz (Link)
Released February 6th

Elastic hip-hop songs built on futurewave soundscapes and propelled by the twisty, unpredictable vocals, flow, and message.

Key Track: “Toxic”







Bug Cemetary by Chucky Shovels (Link)
Released February 3rd

Industrial soundscapes that land on poignant and intriguing emotion through their sonic manipulations, yielding music that’s equal parts jarring and stirring.

Key Track: “Hear Nothing”







Evergreen by Henny L.O. (Link)
Released January 31st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Artistic versatility shines strongly through this laid-back hip-hop EP that can galvanize even through relaxing ambience.

Key Track: “Journey”







NDEFRU & Ohbliv by Foreign Local (Link)
Released February 8th

Vibrant hip-hop that effortlessly glides through unassuming samples and rhyming structures to surprise, inspire, and prosper.

Key Track: “Shop Different”







In Color EP by BrokenVapor (Link)
Released February 9th

Electronica instrumentals that groove through experimental ideals with polished grace and dexterous style.

Key Track: “Sweet.”







It’s Fun Goin’ Round The Bend by Keith Boneice And The Kidnappers (Link)
Released February 8th

Three song release that carries a faint aroma of classic southern rock sound where simplicity paved the way for striking songwriting.

Key Track: “Untitled 1”







Live At The Mushroom Gorge by The Do-Nothings (Link)
Released February 7th

Three-song live EP of a recent performance by the surfy and frenzied garage outfit.

Key Track: “It’s Really Up To You!”







P41N_15_1D3NT1TY by M4DF4C3 (Link)
Released February 3rd

Jagged sonic ataxia that subverts, unsettles, and shocks through its rabid prowess.

Key Track: “B4RK3R_F13LD”







Planet Danet by Danet Jackson (Link)
Released February 8th

Furtive rock sounds that excel in their combined mystique through lounge observations and indie rock ruminations. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “The Best Dead Mother”







Sound Of Music Vol. 2 by 804Rell (Link)
Released February 9th

Lengthy rap record highlighting a gifted MC bouncing between modern production and classic sounds, all the while keeping his flow tight and compelling.

Key Track: “Apple Tree”







Sunshine by Jared Carey (Link)
Released February 5th

Blues-rock that’s offered straight up as well as in acoustic and psych settings, each offering a different view of a talented musician.

Key Track: “Sunshine”







Where You Are by bbw (Link)
Released February 5th

Slowcore musings that patiently reveals the melodic core in songs fit for the garage fanatics or bedroom hermits.

Key Track: “I Wanna Wake Up”







0248 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released February 4th

Musical rapture obtained through ambient reveries and abstract serenity.

Key Track: “0248 Part 1”







2019 EP by Crushing Yellow Sun (Link)
Released February 4th

Blistering and astounding guitar theatrics that brighten the dour soundscapes that loom in the background.

Key Track: “Absolute Void”







4-Minute Miracle by bbw (Link)
Released February 4th

Compositional questioning split over four separate movements, ranging from resonant improvisation to terse pop ditties.

Key Track: “Is”









“All The Time” by YohinessBeatz (Link)
Released February 5th

Somber introspection weaves in and out of this affecting and rousing rap instrumental.







“Angelsdemons” by Cashcurt (Link)
Released February 7th

Existential questions examined in two parts through harmonized rapping over a floaty instrumental.







“Big Mood” by Wellz (Link)
Released February 5th

Yearning rap relayed through punchy poise overtop a soulful instrumental.







“Bright Lights/Lonely City” by Xenodroid (Link)
Released February 9th

Twinkly chimes help set an atmosphere of swelling electronic in this lush composition.







“Busting Money Moves (ThotianaMix)” by (Link)
Released February 8th

A prattling flow assuredly prowls the gleaming tones in this remix of Blueface’s recent single.







“Caked Up” by JT Harris X Thirtytwodegrees (Link)
Released February 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Dancehall croonings roll out with hip-hop cadence on this harmonious and flashy track.







“Capital Insanity” by Lil Ruiii (Link)
Released February 5th

Assured hip-hop polish presents itself smoothly in this fine-tuned rap track.







“Caution” by (Link)
Released February 3rd

Piping tones energize the rhythmic turbine powering this seamless freestyle.







“Cheeno” by Tobasco Fiasco (Link)
Released February 6th

A nimble rock melody opens up into a sprawling jam session featuring knotted guitars and binding rhythms.







“Cochabamba” by Samuel Goff (Link)
Released February 3rd

Eclectic sound collage pieced together through vibrant and bustling field recordings of Bolivian life.







“D00m” by Crushing Yellow Sun (Link)
Released February 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Lumbering rock instrumental containing a slow, sludgy burn of savvy guitar theatrics.







“Desperate Measures” by King Rich (Link)
Released February 7th

Nimble tones tiptoe in the soulful background of this slick and spry rap track.







“Detroit Trap Freestyle Beat – Brazy” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released February 6th

Potent trap rhythms bounce off restless piano fidgeting in this striking hip-hop beat.







“Dripdrop” by Cashcurt (Link)
Released February 7th

Dripping glitch tones provide the melody and foundation for this intriguing and rousing rap track.







“Dwtwn Love Story” by iLLWilliamz (Link)
Released February 8th

Affectionate rapping that smoothly romanticizes over a background of sparkling notes and glistening beats.







“Evening Eight” by Amethyst Midnight (Link)
Released February 4th

Five-minute sound collage capturing city ambience alongside a reserved acoustic guitar.







“Filament” by Crushing Yellow Sun (Link)
Released February 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Fuzzed out guitar agility vaulting over a nimble plucking foundation.







“Fly By” by Joey G (Link)
Released February 5th

Pneumatic ambience pervades the genial rap flow and chambered tones on this roomy rap single.







“Forget Me” by Flacco (Link)
Released February 9th

An assertive message is relayed smoothly in this wavy rap track built on bouncy, recoiling beats.







“Fxck Shxt” by JT Harris X Di$mal X Kenny (Link)
Released February 9th

A capricious flow built on bouncy rhymes and dicey tones swerves wildly throughout this teetering rap track.







“G-Side Anthem” by JUNIOR$GARVEY (Link)
Released February 7th

Imperative tones march with a heavy beat as fiery rhymes flow out with assured tenacity.







“Hate To Say (RMX) (feat. Samurai Syd)” by Cadillac Cat (Link)
Released January 31st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Stirring narration populates this beguiling remix of Tory Lanez’ 2018 single.







“Illuminati Confirmed” by James, The Younger (Link)
Released February 8th

Futuristic rap tones swirl around in a portentous melody of glassy harmonies and cracking beats.







“Kill The Pain” by Cadillac Cat (Link)
Released January 27th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Assertive rhymes ride the compelling flow in this resounding rap track.







“Lost But Not Forgotten” by rva.dom (Link)
Released February 6th

Gripping hip-hop instrumental that resonates deep with its affecting pathos and imploring rhythm.







“Make You” by Trantic (Link)
Released February 1st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Shifty EDM built on a striving beat that climbs and crawls over chopped-up samples.







“Mixtapes To Mansions (feat. Murrda Boo)” by King Rich (Link)
Released February 7th

Punchy rhymes covet extravagance and match the opulent instrumental on this relatable track.







“Muscle Up” by Holy Roller (Link)
Released January 30th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Soaring rock display delivered with a gravely bellow and rootsy appeal.







“Neglected” by Trantic (Link) Released February 8th

Inspirational frustration leads to sinister tones on this alarming yet grooving EDM track.







“No Lames (feat. BigLindell x Jaymann2x)” by JaySyke (Link)
Released February 9th

Gnarled rhymes and fanged tones prowl the recoiling instrumental on this knotted track.







“Orion (feat. Wonder Bred & $torm)” by Classic (Link)
Released February 7th

Rallying rhymes fills the ethereal space in this inspiring track built on a familiar classic rock sample.







“Pair Of Dice” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released February 7th

Errant noise utterances eagerly terrorize the soulful, cadenced groove.







“Pull That 9” by King Rich (Link)
Released February 7th

Trudging trap track that separates beat from flow with a wall of muffled amplification.







“R.I.C.O. Remix” by JAM (Link)
Released February 8th

Tenacious rhyming saturates the tip-toe beat on this remix to the 2015 single by Meek Mill and Drake.







“Rap Beat Freestyle Instrumental – RokkStar” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released February 3rd

Gritty hard rock guitar rhythms lay the foundation upon which this rap instrumental stomps and thuds.







“Rap Freestyle Type Beat – Hood Most Wanted” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released February 4th

A background of lofty chimes elevates this swaying hip-hop instrumental.







“Rap Twerk Beat Instrumental – Ying Yang” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released February 3rd

Electronic tones shimmy back and forth on this sleek hip-hop beat tailormade for any club.







“Reggae Freestyle” by JUNIOR$GARVEY (Link)
Released February 7th

Rhythmic Patois flows out with worldly poise and strength on this fluctuating freestyle.







“RiRi” by Rotation (Link)
Released February 4th

Gnarled rhymes wrestle with the thudding beats for control on this caustic track.







“Sexo En La Radio” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released February 6th

Dissonant glitches melodize over a bubbling rhythm in this clattery electronic piece.







“Shejuana” by P.S. 804 (Link)
Released February 6th

Relaxing hip-hop that reclines comfortably into pleasing R&B grooves and flowing rap finesse.







“Shellz (Remix)” by Cadillac Cat (Link)
Released February 6th

Relentless rhyming prowess overtakes this remix of the late 2018 single by Shabazz PBG and Lil Uzi.







“Sht To Do (feat. Cadliiac Cat)” by Dre King (Link)
Released February 9th

Simple yet magnificent hip-hop from two local powerhouses balancing their lyrical power with a flashy hook.







“Slime” by Bclaii (Link)
Released February 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Sparse, distressing tones meticulously strike through this resonant trap beat.







“Slipping Through” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released February 9th

Bullying noise fragments taunt the listener overtop a gentle drum machine in this warm contortion.







“Strange Number” by De’John Linward (Link)
Released February 7th

Witty observations examine every day inconveniences over relaxing hip-hop ambience.







“Sunroof Back” by YohinessBeatz (Link)
Released February 5th

Impactful piano tones march with rhythmic poise on this decisive hip-hop instrumental.







“The Fall” by Realms Collide (Link)
Released February 7th

Middle Eastern EDM track with string manipulation providing an exceptionally strong psychedelic vibe.







“Thru It All” by Cashcurt (Link)
Released February 7th

Reverberating crooning that bounces high off a deep bass and flies with the grace of its gentle piano melody.







“Top Off” by Bclaii (Link)
Released February 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A guarded and intimate piano melody provides a layer of caution in this driving hip-hop instrumental.







“Train Stop” by Eric Eckhart (Link)
Released February 8th

Intimate field recording scrutinizing the dissociative state of travelling in the past and present.







“Ur C M P n Y (feat. StyrofoamRalph)” by HwM (Link)
Released February 9th

Asian strings ripple underneath a strong union of R&B crooning and hip-hop assertion.







“Water” by Bclaii (Link)
Released February 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Illuminating tones timidly offer a warming glow to this demure rap beat.







“What Pt2” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released February 5th

Imperial tones coalesce into melody behind the fuzzed-out rap censures being unloaded.







“White Girl (feat. Wonder Bred)” by Classic (Link)
Released February 4th

Epithetical words and an insolent tone fill the cagey flow on this clacking rap track.







“White Lie” by Sam Scott (Link)
Released February 9th

Dreamy and idyllic hip-hop musings over a doubled down classic beat.







“12 Remix (feat. Pezzy Bandana)” by King Rich (Link)
Released February 7th

Urgent modulation elevates the twinkly beat on this remix of 88GLAM’s 2017 single.







“2014 Trap Freestyle Instrumental – Mobbin” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released February 5th

Percussive beats flutter and ripple through the ominous tones on this imposing rap beat.







“2015 Trap Freestyle Beat – Trap Talk” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released February 8th

Looped organ tones loom over this glib rap instrumental with drifting vocal samples and thumping gravitas.







“4 Shit” by Artonthewall (Link)
Released February 8th

Hip-hop bluster that strides handily through a glitchy and fetching instrumental.







“#RVAA” by RVAA (Link)
Released February 4th

Harmonized bars gliding over a graceful instrumental relying on bright tones and swelling ambience.







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